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Feeling Groovy, We Hope

My first child, I’m fortunate to say, is healthy as a horse. But my second child: Ear infections up the wazoo. Even though there wasn’t a ton of medical info to keep track of, especially compared with children with real illnesses, there are many times I wish I’d written down what that Motrin dosage was or which antibiotic had her spewing fluids from both ends.

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Shouldn’t the Baby Smell Better After the Bath?

I have learned over the past 18 months that fancy packaging is no indication of a great baby lotion. I started with the highest-end, la-di-da, imported line of products, only to find they reeked like a perfume counter saleswoman exploded all over the nursery. Now I’m doubly skeptical of anything until I try it myself.

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Pants Begone

The only way I can get my daughter to wear a dress is to tell her we’re going to a party. Otherwise, she’s all about the pants. And honestly, I can’t really blame her; it’s a bitdifficult to get all rough and tumble in a sweeping lacy pink number. But these gorgeous handmade dresses by CMP favorite Dillyhearts? Since I brought one home, my daughter hasn’t looked at a pair of pants in days. I’m not sure whether it’s the comfy t-shirt top or the funky cotton fabrics on the bottom, but either way, I’m lucky if I can...

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More Mommies To Love

In a world where Heather has two mommies, as do her friends Olivia, Aiden and Sam, we think it’s high time the old standby "I love my mommy" onesie took on a 21st century twist. The I love my moms shirt from the always wonderful Wry Baby comes in sizes 0-6 and 6-12 months, or T-shirts up to size 6T but the sentiment will fit forever. And to answer your question, yes, it comes in a dads version as well. No discrimination here. –Liz In a world where Heather has two mommies, as do her friends Olivia, Aiden and...

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