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This season’s forecast: circus animals and a good chance of peacocks

Yesterday was the most absolutely perfect early fall day, but today? This gray sky is reminding me of what’s to come. I don’t know about you, but I get a little grumpy in the wintertime. By the end of winter, I’m a lot grumpy. The Scandinavians get it right by designing signature happy prints to brighten up their long winters. And thanks to the online boutique VyssanLull, we have some of the best eco-friendly, Scandinavian kids clothing at our fingertips. Plastisock is one of the many awesome designers at the shop and I am digging their new fall clothes....

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This cup is made from plants. Yup, plants.

I have a huge sweet tooth. But, I don’t want to eat yogurt that’s impersonating a strawberry shortcake or alcoholic beverage. If I want shortcake, I’ll have shortcake! That’s one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Stonyfield Farm’s yogurt: It tastes like yogurt. I also like their organic, all natural ingredients and its yummy taste. And, now, there’s another reason to love my yogurt of choice. Stonyfield Farm is the first yogurt company to develop a plant-based cup for all their multipacks. The cup is still plastic, but it’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, plant-based plastic which is better for...

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Oshi Mat: Don’t go to baby music class without it

Looking back to my baby’s first music class, I see a woman in sweats, no make-up and a silly grin on her face. I was just so happy to be, finally, out of the house! New to my neighborhood, I was also convinced I was going to meet all my new best friends that day. Every time my baby clapped to the music, I burst into hysterical laughter. (No wonder I didn’t meet any friends in that class.) But, I stopped laughing when I noticed how my daughter was crawling around on a dirty looking carpet and how the...

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Spooky Fun Meets Little Girl Cuteness

I love holidays. Give me a holiday and I’ll celebrate it. Give me a fun holiday, like Halloween, and I might go a little overboard. (But not in a tacky way. Promise!) So I can’t resist a cute Halloween inspired t-shirt or accessory, like these adorable barrettes. The Polka Pumpkin Barrettes, from past CMP pick Natty Bratty, are just the thing to get into the Halloween spirit. They are subtle enough to coordinate with many of my daughter’s outfits and the glitter stars make them festive and fun. I also love polka dots on just about anything. Look around...

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Design your own tutu. Without, you know, designing your own tutu.

Tutus are everywhere these days (I even saw some at Costco) and little girls are wearing them everywhere and anywhere. And why not? They’re little girls. Nobody’s going to look at them funny. Or so we hope. Here’s a fun spin on the already fun tutu: One that comes on a built-in shirt that you can design all by yourself. Have you ever stared at rows of lovely ribbon at a craft store and wondered what you could make with so much prettiness? I’m not crafty, so I have stood there pondering all those stripes, dots and checks and,...

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“Cool stroller liner!” “I know.”

Last summer, my three-year-old’s black car seat was always too hot and she told me so in no uncertain terms (“Hot! Too hot!”).  Fast forward to next summer and I will be using a Cool Mee seat liner by Meeno Babies. The Meeno Babies car seat, stroller, or infant seat liner is one of those gear essentials that, one you’ve tried it, you are dying to tell every mom you know about.  Basically the absorbent layers of poly-mesh allow air to flow between the liner and the seat, while soft fabric wicks away moisture from your baby. It’s easy...

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Frighteningly artful Halloween invitations

I’ve been thinking about having a small Halloween party for my three-year-old and her friends. Nothing elaborate. No baking required. And I’ll send out the invitations on-line because who has the time to dig up everyone’s actual address?  Fortunately pingg, one of Cool Mom Pick’s favorite free on-line card store, has a new collection of Halloween invites and cards by actual artists, and they’re so cute, it’s scary. (Ha.) Browsing the selection of Halloween e-Cards and invites at pingg will definitely put you in the Halloween mood. I love the Dapper Skeleton design by Etsy artist Katie Crawford, and...

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See Kai Run, be still my heart!

Deep breaths. I am in a tizzy over the new Kat shoes from See Kai Run’s Smaller collection. I can see it now: My little girl’s cute, chubby legs in white tights and these classic, navy Mary Jane shoes with a twist. I love the heart shape on the Kat Mary Janes carrying over from one shoe to the next. It reminds me a little of a heart shaped charm I wore when I was a pre-teen with be fri and my BFF wore the other half with st ends but I digress. Kat’s big sister, Gwen (right) is...

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More incentive to get the kids to play outside – How does 75 bucks sound?

I love this time of year. Now that it’s not grossly hot, I feel inspired to do fun activities with my kids outdoors. But in a few months when the temperature dips? Yup, it’s a long winter and there are only so many times you can walk around Target to get out of the house. I just found out about Active Kids Club, which encourages parents to start and join outdoor playgroups, and I felt a rush of inspiration imagining myself going for hikes with my kids, sledding, or exploring the nearby nature center. [don’t miss a great offer...

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Little Lion Studio: Your nursery will never be the same

Wall decals are an easy way of giving a room a whole new look. And coming from those of us who have pretty much seen all the decals out there, we can safely say that the wall decals at the brand new Etsy shop, LittleLion Studio are a cut above. Think: unexpected, whimsical, truly artful, and your neighbor is not going to have them. Giraffe Backyard is more a mural than a decal, turning your nursery into a magical land of giraffes and foliage, with cut out leaves that show off your wall color. Click over and look closely...

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Backpacks aren’t just for the kiddos

I’m off to the park and I have my twelve-month-old in one arm, diaper bag on my shoulder, another hand holds the sand toys, my three-year-old needs my hand to get down the stairs and maybe we’ll need a blanket to sit on… wait, I’m out of hands. This is when I could really use a backpack. I haven’t owned a backpack since college, but now, more than ever, I could use an extra hand, and the Packsack from one of our favorite stores, Poketo, is streamlined, classic and slightly retro. These colorful, canvas (nice break from nylon) backpacks...

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