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The Wonder Woman onesie for your Wonder Woman-to-be

Superheroes are so summer 2011–Thor, Xmen, Green Lantern, Captain America have all made the rounds at the movies. It’s only a matter of time before my favorite caped crusader gets her day in the sun. This Wonder Woman onesie is the perfect outfit for your delicious baby girl. It is a way to announce her gender without dousing her in pink and ruffles. Sure, clueless octogenarians may not get the reference, but when they say “what a cute little boy,” you can sigh and say “yup, she’s my wonder woman all right.” Girl Power! -Eva The Wonder Woman onesie...

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Stickers for boys. Or girls. Cool how that works.

Imagine a knight in his breeches. It’s up to you to put the correct clothing and armor on him. Without the proper threads, he’s absolutely lost. What’s a lad to do? We’ve seen paper dolls before, which almost always cater to girls and often involve ballerinas, fairies, and princesses. But these? Different. Usborne Activities takes sticker dressing in an entirely new direction with their Sticker Dressing Knights. We’re talking jousting and shiny armor. Children learn about different types of knights, as well as the associated garb, with easy-to-follow directions; although younger ones may need some assistance with the reading...

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Angry Birds are back. Only this time, in person.

When my kids first discovered Angry Birds, I admit that it didn’t take me long to join the legions of lovers. There is something about the smug little faces and the clueless looking swine that gets me every time. But there is this little problem called “too much screen time” (no matter how fun the game) and the fact that the game is one player only. Enter, Angry Birds, the board game. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before someone grabbed the license, and turns out it’s Mattel, who delivers in a big way...

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Jeffrey Sebelia serves up rockin threads for our little dudes

Dressing our little dudes up is no easy task. While it may be fairly easy to go preppy and sport the oxford shirt and khaki pants route, sometimes social events beckon for more rock and roll than country club. A new kids label from a Project Runway favorite has answered our call.  La Miniatura is the label of Jeffrey Sebelia, the designer with the rock band and the awesome neck tattoo who won Bravo’s Project Runway Season Three. Jeffrey’s also unforgettable for his style and wit, and now, his line of rad threads for boys, all throwbacks to the...

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A puppy for your future veterinarian

I am a sucker for stuffed animals. I love the fact that they are gender neutral (mostly) and don’t have an “on” button, which means you are putting the creative power into your child’s hands. If you have a wannabe vet in the family, this kit I recently discovered takes dramatic play to another level completely. Patrick, the adorably sweet and cuddly puppy needs your help. As part of the sweet toy veterinary kit, he also comes with medicine, shots, and a stethoscope to aid you. Oh, and a bone, which is a must have for every dog owner....

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Hello Kitty BabyLegs. Prepare to squee in Japanese.

If you don’t yet know how awesome BabyLegs are, we’re happy to remind you every few months or so. They not only respect the accessibility of the onesie and keep little legs warm in heavily air conditioned places, but diaper changes are a breeze. Now we’ve got one more reason to love them: The all new Hello Kitty collection. The Hello Kitty BabyLegs are not only cute and sweet, but practical, too. Any of the seven styles will funky up any outfit, but without interfering with the business at hand. You know, the free wheeling crawling kind. Plus she...

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Hats that your kiddos will actually want to keep on

When my kids were little, they threw their hats off the moment I put them on. I didn’t force the issue but I longed for the day that they would come to love and appreciate the hat not just for its utilitarian purpose, but as a fabulous fashion accessory. Dear readers, that time is now. Don’t get me wrong, we love our sports teams as much as the next–it’s just that I love choices that allow a kid to express their individuality, which is why Goorin Bros. is my dream come true. Their gorgeous hats come in fabulous mini...

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Pete the Cat is the new Goodnight Moon

I can’t get enough of Pete the Cat. My kids are enamored. Their classmates are all entranced by the magical feline. Every week, I choose a book for the kindergarten class. But no matter what I pick, Pete the Cat is always read. Well, more like sung. Here’s the backstory: James Dean, an artist in Atlanta with a cult-like following, paints super cool cat portraits. He teams up with Eric Litwin, a children’s musician and storyteller who gives Pete a voice (and some shoes).  They self publish Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. But it isn’t until...

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Ready for Cars 2? Now you will be.

With Cars 2 coming soon to theaters at the end of the month, we’re going to be drowning in licensed merchandise any day now. I love Lightning McQueen as much as the next mama, I just hate for my kids to strut around looking like walking advertisements for the flick of the moment. What do you do with a little boy obsessed with Cars and a momma hoping for something slightly cooler than ye olde licensed polyester tee? Cue Peek Kids, one of my favorite West Coast shops to outfit my boys. Peek clothes tell moms of boys: you...

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Grown-up furniture with kids in mind

I often look through the pages of magazines seeking artsy living spaces with pictures of real live human children. Sadly, there is nary a Cheerio in sight. But this piece of furniture I just discovered, I could imagine in my home with my real live human children anyway. I am in love with the Stripes End Table by Chris Jamison at Plywood Office for a number of reasons. The rich wood and the stripe combination are pure beauty. The design is subtle and clever. The rounded edges are certainly child friendly, as well as the deep pocket to stash...

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