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7 tips to help kids walk to school safely. Because October 5 shouldn’t be the only Walk to School Day!

Back in my school day, my mom let me walk alone to school, my friends’ homes, and the pizzeria by the time I was 10 years old. (Uphill, both ways, and barefoot, no less.) Fast forward to me as a parent and I admit my own kids — now ages 12 and 9 — have never walked anywhere on their own. One reason is that their school is much too far from home. The other reason is what’s a common cultural fear these days of letting our kids out into the world by themselves. Even though research shows that kids are actually safer today than ever. With the 20th...

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Pico Kid jewelry line for girls and boys inspires mini makers

Cool jewelry for both girls and boys that inspires the makers of tomorrow? Found it. Pico Kid, a line of jewelry for girls and boys (or the young at heart), is the latest collection by Pico Design. We’ve featured Andrea Panico’s architectural inspired jewelry collection before when we included it as a Cool Mom Picks Pick of The Year for being one of the Coolest jewelry & accessory brands in 2015. Pico’s latest launch solidifies its spot as a cool brand. Full disclosure: Andrea is my friend and neighbor (Shout out to Montclair!), but it was my love for her jewelry that started our friendship and the rest is history. Andrea was inspired to create...

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5 simple tips to help parents prevent and deal with bullying. We get it. We’ve been there. And it sucks.

Bullying is nothing new. Unfortunately. And I still have the emotional scars from 7th grade to prove it. But for our 21st century kids, bullying is only amplified with the lively presence of social media in all our kids’ lives, meaning now bullying that once happened mostly in school can follow a child home 24/7. The first time my daughter came home crying because another girl made fun of her T-shirt, I felt deflated. Not just as a mother feeling helpless, but because the feelings of hurt I experienced in my own childhood came flooding back to me. I’m sure a lot of you can relate....

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5 smart storage solutions for your kids’ artwork. Goodbye clutter!

Remember that trippy British kid’s television show Teletubbies? How can anyone forget?! There was a character named The Noo-noo, which was a vacuum cleaner that went around sucking up anything out of place. Well, sadly, I too hate clutter so much that my family nicknamed me The Noo-noo. I’m pretty sure it’s not a term of endearment, but messes and clutter makes me absolutely crazy, so I deserve it. With my kids back in school, I’m already seething with anxiety over anticipation of all the artwork and projects that will be coming home. Of course I want to display all their masterful collages and favorite poems, but everything else needs...

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The silver lining of the Mylan EpiPen price hike news, from a mom of a child with food allergies

When we first discovered my oldest daughter was allergic to peanuts and could have an anaphylactic reaction, our allergist told us that keeping EpiPens with her at all times could mean the difference between life and death. Think about that as a parent. Death. Of your child. You can bet that since that day, she has never gone anywhere without her EpiPens. And since that day, we have had a huge additional annual expense that definitely puts a a strain on our budget. But, that’s what you do to keep your kids safe. So you can imagine that we’ve been all ears when it comes...

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8 outstanding books that teach empathy for kids with special needs

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind. ―Henry James   You stocked up on school supplies, bought your kid a cool new lunch box and backpack, and purchased that first day of school outfit, but you may be missing one important item I like to have on my own kids’ back to school lists — books that teach empathy. Especially for those kids with special needs who may be new to a classroom, playgroup, or just the neighborhood this year. Besides feeling...

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