Author: Heather Spohr

Great news! NPR is releasing their first-ever podcast for kids!

NPR is the only thing I ever listen to in my car — unless my kids want to hear “It’s Raining Tacos.” On repeat. (Because of course not every episode of Spawned is entire kid-safe.) So I was absolutely stoked when I heard that next week, May 15, NPR is going to release a podcast for kids ages 5 to 12 that highlights the wonders of science, technology, discovery, and inventions. Stunningly, this is the first-ever children’s program in NPR’s 47-year history. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I have a feeling this podcast will be worth the wait. Related: 5 cool TV...

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A new set of trading cards featuring badass women in history. Trust me, you need these.

If you’re tired of your kids’ obsession with trading Pokemon cards (yeah, us too), we’ve found a totally cool, totally feminist alternative: Persistent Sisters trading cards featuring activists, scientists, artists, and other trailblazing women in history. Seriously, how awesome are these? The project is the brainchild of artist Ellen Schaeffer and designer Tamara Hoffbauer, who were inspired to make these cards after the election to remind people how much women have accomplished and overcome, even if we didn’t quite shatter that glass ceiling on November 8. All decks feature exceptional women your kids may not know about — yet — like: Hypatia, a kick-ass mathematician, astronomer, and...

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