Author: Jenn A.

Fun summer craft for kids: Story starters grab bag, with free printable artwork

Whether you’re hosting a sleepover in your backyard under the stars, sending the kids off to summer camp, or packing up the camping gear and heading out on a family retreat in the car, make-your-own stories can be a fun, low-tech way to stay entertained. So I came up with the easiest craft idea: A fun story starter grab bag themed around campfire stories, filled with little icons to help generate ideas and make things more fun. In fact, you don’t even have to be around a campfire to use it. Though marshmallows are always a plus, in any situation....

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Easy DIY superhero cape project, no pattern required. See? Easy!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s my little man saving the city of Gotham by stomping out criminals one at a time. I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t want to dress up like a superhero. My own son is only 21 months and he loves running around in a DIY superhero cape I made out of nothing more than an adult-sized T-shirt and a few handmade felt appliques. You can give your child the same joy in a few really easy steps–easier than escaping from the Green Hornet’s evil clutches, anyway. DIY Super Hero Cape: Materials   T-shirt (Small...

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How to make a silhouette portrait: A DIY with an easy cheat

I love gifts and artwork that have personal touches – if it has a monogram, sign me up. Our new house has so many blank walls just waiting to be filled, and one piece of personalized art that I knew I wanted to make for it was a framed silhouette portrait of my toddler. Once the realm of skilled paper cutters, if you have a computer and a printer, and you’ve always wondered how to DIY, I’ve got an easy shortcut for you so you can make your own silhouette portrait. Have an older child? Get her in on the action too and...

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Cool 4th of July craft for kids: The ribbon wand takes the fire out of fireworks

My little guy isn’t old enough to be interested in fireworks yet–and I kind of hope he never is–but that doesn’t mean he can’t get into the 4th of July with some cool crafts for kids. For safety’s sake (and of course just for something fun to make with him) I came up with these fun red, white, and blue ribbon wands. I hope you like them as much as he does!   This firework alternative only requires four materials and is easy enough that kids of all ages can help put them together and shake them around instead of sparklers.  ...

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