Julie Marsh is a mom of three, a project manager by trade, and a triathlete for fun. She could also use a nap.

As the crow flies

I’m already on record as not being a fan of fluffy pastel nursery decor.  How are children supposed to develop good design sensibilities if…

Skateboards that you wear

It’s been (cough, cough) twenty years, but I still haven’t outgrown my adoration for skateboards and the guys who ride them. Teenage infatuations die…

Tickle-Me Phyto

As a child of the eighties, I was privy to the debut of many fads that should never have been, including parachute pants, bolo…

Monkeybar Buddies: Clothes For Hanging Around

Year after year, my mother outfitted me in dresses that were fine for the classroom, but completely inappropriate for the playground. While all the other girls wore slacks and hung upside down from the monkey bars, I stood off to the side and silently cursed my mother’s sewing machine.