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Decorist makes stylish, affordable, online interior design available to everyone.

Repurposing our old furniture and accessories into our new house just doesn’t always work. That rug that was perfect in my old bedroom just doesn’t cut it in the new one, it turns out. And while I love interior design sites like nousDecor, sometimes I need  serious professional help. So the timing was perfect for me to discover Decorist, an online interior design service for any project in your house. I’d normally try to fix that rug situation on my own, because interior design services can be pricey. So I’m the perfect candidate for Decorist’s lower cost interior design consulting–also a great...

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Handmade crocheted baby toys that could make you want another baby. (Or at least one to give them to.)

We are talking about getting a dog, which makes it official: No more babies for this household. And I’m pretty much okay with that fact until I see a store like YarnBall Stories. This absolutely adorable Etsy shop has safe and soft crocheted baby toys and decor that stop me in my tracks with the cuteness. And you know how much of a soft spot we have for cool crocheted toys and gifts like crocheted baby booties here at Cool Mom Picks. The YarnBall Stories crocheted baby mobiles come in themes like the solar system, colorful hearts, or just pretty pastels. I...

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4:00 cookies offer low-sugar cookies made for adults. Because happy hour is for snacks too.

We’re cheering for the women at 4:00 Cookie who developed a line of low-sugar cookies, a.k.a. a healthier version of our favorite treat made just for between-meal snacking. Because let’s face it, 4PM. always seems to kick off the bewitching hours around here. Mine included. Grabbing something made of white flour and white sugar is generally not the best course of action for energy or nutrition, but this cookie is actually nutritious as far as cookies go. They use only whole grains, oats, flax, nuts, fruit, bittersweet chocolate and coconut sugar in the cookies, which are all low-to-medium on the glycemic index....

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The first memory game we’ve seen that helps your kids remember happy memories, too.

What kind of cruel punishment is it that parents, with the brain fog that comes from raising children, are expected to compete with their kids’ fresh brains in memory games? We featured scented memory games and modern art memory games, but they usually end up with the same outcome for me: loss. My kids crush me every time. Don’t miss an exclusive offer for Cool Mom Picks readers below. So how much more wonderful will it be to lose if we’re playing Paper Culture‘s beautiful new custom photo memory game? Simply upload 16 of your favorite pictures and pick out a...

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A custom photo gift for babies too young to make one themselves

We all know how much babies and toddlers love to look at photos of the people they love, and so a custom photo gift can be a wonderful baby gift. But if you are like me, those puffy, plastic photo albums aren’t your idea of great nursery decor. And framed pictures in glass? Well, we all know how that is going to turn out. Enter BéBé Blocks. This great shop, started by a stay at home mom and her own dad, takes your favorite digital photos to create beautiful custom photo blocks to display. Don’t miss an exclusive offer for CMP...

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