Author: Kristyn Rudnet

The 3 hot lip colors for fall: A pro makeup artist’s picks that look great on every woman

When Cool Mom Picks asked me to pick the three top lip colors for fall, I was excited. But I know that for a lot of women, the idea of following trends can be a little scary, especially when the trends veer outside of your comfort zone. My job as a professional makeup artist is to follow trends, and even I sometimes shy away. The truth is, a lip color could look awesome on the runway but if you’re just running to pick the kids up from school… it may not translate quite so well. Fortunately, when it comes to lip color trends this...

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A pro makeup artist picks her 5 best mascaras right now

Lately, I’ve been on a mascara mission. For me, not only does the perfect mascara have to look great, and add the perfect amount of volume to my lashes, but it can’t run; I have deep set eyes and often end up with black mascara under my eyes as the day progresses. As a professional makeup artist, that is definitely not going to work. Every time I visit a drugstore or department store, I grab another tube hoping this will be the one I’ve been searching for: The perfect mascara. But it’s been hard to find. So if you’re having the same issues — and...

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A quick, natural skincare routine for tweens and teens from an expert

When it comes to tween and teen skin, and figuring out the skincare routine that will work best for them, I like to take the less is more approach — at least until action is really needed. When I was younger, I had great skin until I started trying out all sorts of different products on them. Then I went back to using natural skincare solutions, and thankfully it calmed my skin down again. So if you’ve got a tween or teen with normal skin and no serious skin problems — which might require a visit to a dermatologist or your...

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The best drugstore makeup for tweens and teens: Top picks from a pro

Now that some of our girls are starting to hit the age where they’re asking about more than just a little flavored lip balm, we turned to an expert to offer us advice about makeup for tweens and teens. Because things have come a long way since we were all first experimenting with navy mascara and body shimmer as young women ourselves. We’re so pleased to welcome our new beauty columnist Kristyn Rudnet of Shimmer and Spice, who’s a talented east coast makeup artist (we’ve been lucky enough to use her ourselves!), style director, and skin guru who has...

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