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Raising creative kids – here’s a hint: You’re not starting from scratch.

When my kids were young, the challenge for me wasn’t trying to get them to be more creative. They had access to all my art supplies and were constantly creating all kinds of art creations. My issue was where to store and display, say, a four foot high, blue sculpture made of paper towel and toilet paper tubes all held together with studiously applied tiny pieces of masking tape. Author Whitney Ferre, the founder of the Creative Fitness Center (you might know it from HGTV) takes on this kind of challenge and more in the very good book for...

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Spring bags, ahoy!

When I’m window shopping the web, it’s always dangerous to stop on the Etsy homepage, where their editors are carefully curating millions of items down into just the very ones that I have to have. (How do they do that?) A recent find: The bags from Bayan Hippo. The styles are modern, the cotton canvas fabrics are durable and the prices can’t be beat – most are in the $35-$47 range. There’s a lot here to covet, but really caught my eye is the roomy sailor tote bag which has that classic nautical look, only with narrow stripes for...

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The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

If you’ve had a baby, you probably know what I mean when I say that during all four births for me, there was always a point when I thought I might die. You’ve used all your physical strength breathing and having contractions and back pain. You’ve used all your emotional strength floating in and out of pain and giving yourself pep talks. But of course when I had these issues, I was nestled in the heart of a modern hospital with nurses and doctors all around me. And during the birth of my youngest, when his heart rate dropped...

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But, MY Teen Tells Me Everything. (Uh-huh.)

Why are we talking about teens? Because every single one of your tiny bundles of joy are going to grow up to be one, and you might as well know what you’re getting into. Trust me, you’re going to want to know this stuff. In 35 Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You, So I Will, Ellen Pober Rittberg gives us some tactics to use with our teens. Some of them seem pretty common sense, like Rule 10, Use your approval and disappointment, which I think parents generally do without thinking about it. Your child does something you don’t like?...

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Falling for Fall Leaves – CMP does etsy

It’s getting Autumnal all up in here! Fall is my favorite time of year because I love to wear jeans, sweaters and boots. I love chocolaty browns and ochre yellows and dark pumpkin colors. The latter two don’t look very good on me, but I don’t care. It’s fall, Y’all!  And in its honor, some of our favorite fall-like picks from Etsy this week. Just look at gorgeous bird giclee print above, by Mai Autumn. It’s printed professionally and would look amazing in a living room, bedroom, or nursery. Here’s a lovely Maple leaf wooden teether for the teethers...

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Happy Halloween cool parents!

Happy Halloween, mamas! For those of us who like Halloween every day, we present to you a completely random assortment of cool, creepy, spider themed items we uncovered on Etsy. The hand felted wool hat from Maybel57 (above) has a little cluster of spiders gracefully dancing down the sides. They make me think of Charlotte’s Web and I assume they are all very smart and spell well. These finger puppets from WeeKnit are the cutest. You can have a different bug on each finger or ask for an entire set of spiders. Or yellow-striped caterpillars. Plus they’re washable, which...

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Whoo makes the cutest owl softies? (Heh, sorry)

The first day of Autumn brings to mind leaves falling and stark naked trees and owls hooting at night. Crisp evenings and cold nights and noses with frozen snot-drips. (Maybe we won’t talk about that last one.) We found this selection adorable owl softies on Etsy, perfect for a cool evening of coziness bundled up in blankets. The gentle-owl softies from Nooshka (above) are highly distinguished. They do have a button, so probably not the best pet owl for tinier guys and gals. This long-legged Hoot owl from YooWhoo has crinkly wings and fun contrasting fabrics to interest tots...

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Cool felt play food – CMP does etsy

When I was young, I loved playing house. Tea parties and market shopping were two of my favorite things. I had no idea I was practicing chores I would have to do the rest of my life. Aaaaanyway, felt food is always such a fantastic children’s toy, and the handmade play food sets we’ve featured here are just adorable. So realistic and beautifully made. The pancakes (above) made by BugNikDesigns look good enough to eat. She makes versions with strawberries or blueberries or two sunny side up eggs you can plop right on top. I love this felt play...

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The cutest handmade baby booties – CMP does etsy

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve found for this week’s Etsy roundup. Baby shoes! Ok, you might not be as excited as I am, but when all your kids are big and sweaty and teens that smell like Axe, I’ll ask you again and then you’ll squee. This felt pair of shoes from La La! Shoes looks so comfortable and fun. Put little stars under their feet! Plus, the bright colors will catch your baby’s attention. These little brown and cream baby boots from Wooly Baby? They’re made from recycled lambswool sweaters and are no doubt able...

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Great handmade baby shower decorations – CMP does etsy

Provided you hold the embarrassing games, we love baby showers. Yay for momentous occasions! If you want to make the event as pretty as can be, we’ve collected a few unexpected decor ideas all from the indie artists and crafters on Etsy. On a budget? You can download an entire set of printable decorations including matching invites, place cards, banners and party hats from Paper & Cake for just $8. I love this French Circus Party design. Decorating is half the fun of any party and these festive Zinnia paper pom-poms from PomLove come in so many vibrant colors....

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Hot red fashion for fall – CMP does Etsy

If you’re looking for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that will brighten your day and class up your look for fall, take a look at the hot color this season – red. Think of it as a little reward for surviving summer (and all those pastels) intact. The Sweet Red Rose ring from Spiderella Studio (above) made me catch my breath. It’s small, inexpensive and just the right size to wear to a Back-to-School night in jeans and a nice sweater. If you’re going somewhere a bit nicer (date night?) this Jersey Knit Tunic Vest from erinleighheart would be perfect, maybe...

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CMP Does Etsy: Not your everyday pencil cases (But maybe they should be)

We’re so excited to bring you the first of our new weekly Etsy round-ups. Tune in every Wednesday for more delicious handmade goodness. Everyone knows that when you go back to school, it is IMPERATIVE to have the coolest stuff. (Although I believe I had Holly Hobby materials three years in a row). One option is to grab some handmade school supplies from Etsy, like this selection of pencil cases which caught my eye. The little guy up top makes me giggle. I love the teeth. I love the eyes. I love the bright colors. Okay, I admit it....

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