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New Year’s Resolution Help: Healthier snacks for the whole family

If you’re anything like me, your diet consists of the meal you’ve made for yourself and then all the leftovers you nibble off your kids’ plates while you clean up the dishes. So if your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier and be a little more mindful of the things that end up in your mouth, chances are starting with your kids’ plates is a good to place to begin. And don’t we all want to see changes not only for ourselves but for our whole family?   Since a handful of almonds and a square of cheddar cheese...

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New Year’s Resolution Help: Drink less with these great mocktail recipes

We’re continuing our series on help for the biggest New Year’s Resolutions with one that we’re seeing a lot of from our readers this year: Cutting back on the booze. Whether you’re trimming the budget, slimming down, or maybe even popping out (!) with a bun in the oven, I’ve put together a few thirst-quenching mocktails that are heavy on flavor and light on liquor. I have a feeling with this great list of drinks, you’ll hardly remember what you’re missing.-Molly Rosemary Citrus Spritzer I have a serious weakness for those little Christmas tree-shaped rosemary bushes that show up...

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6 easy holiday treats, no culinary degree required.

As much as I like to tap into my inner Martha Stewart during the holiday season, this year there just isn’t enough time to crochet snowflake ornaments, whip up petit fours wrapped in fondant, and glue-gun wreaths made of pinecones and milkweed. (Okay, I’ve never done any of those things. Ever.) But on the bright side, we’ve scoured the web for some fabulous holiday recipes to make you look like Martha in the half the time, mess and stress. You’re on your own with the holiday decor, but check out these sweet and simple holiday treats great for both...

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