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Shoe-shopping just got sweeter: Buy a pair of Toms and a US child in need gets one too.

Kids don’t need much to dream. But they do need a few basic, important things to succeed: education, food, exercise and clothing. So we’re happy to support a company that aims to give one million pairs of shoes to underprivileged children right here in the US by the end of 2014. Confession: I heart Toms Shoes and their One for One program the way my daughter hearts princess-covered pop beads and rainbow sprinkles. I’m a Classics girl, if my very broken in “Great Love” vegans and equally well-loved “Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project” canvases are any indicator. Buying Toms...

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Not just backpacks: State GiveBackPacks also help kids who need them.

So here’s something I didn’t know: More than 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line right now. And of those 46 million people, 23% of them are kids. So we’re very happy to support a company that helps kids living in poverty to head back to school knowing someone’s got their back. Don’t miss a limited time discount after the jump! No kid should have to carry their school things in a plastic trash bag. But after witnessing children in NYC doing just that, the husband-wife founders of State were inspired to do something that would make a tangible...

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A kids’ world as cheerful as your kids (or one can hope)

Putting together a nursery or little kid’s room can be a challenge if you’re going for a certain retro-mod Scandinavian rainbow look. I mean, there is nothing out there that fits that exact description. Or wait, maybe there is.   The relaunch of colorful, childlike 70s era German designs from byGraziela designs celebrates every single color in the crayon box, and channels it into kids’ bedding, kids pajamas, German-made dishware, hooded towels, toys and home decor so happy you want to smile. At pots. You’ll be smiling at pots. If you’re the crafty kind, there are even fabrics featuring...

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In season: tea towels as fresh as just-picked veggies

Cooking with the windows open, wrists slightly dirty from picking fresh veggies, knife making a crisp choppety-choppety sound–not going to lie. I live for spring and summer produce. But, with cooking comes cleanup, which pales in comparison to eating. Until you discover pure linen tea towels like these. Ahhhh.    From Poketo, featuring sweetly simple, often humorous designs hand-printed in fresh green and vibrant orange, these towels are for more than just wiping countertops. Use them as place mats, kitchen decor, knot one around your waist as an impromptu apron–or, if you’re feeling crafty, use as uber-green gift wrap. They’re naturally more...

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The Croods movie review. Think of it as The Flintstones 3.0 in the hands of Dreamworks

Nose picking, blatant scratching, a thrilling chase, slipping on banana peels — all things my almost seven-year-old currently thinks are the most awesome and hilarious acts on earth, especially if there’s a fart joke in there somewhere. Cue The Croods. I will admit I’m less than thrilled by my son’s current choices in comedic relief, so when the two of us were ushered into an advanced screening of The Croods 3D I handed him his snacks with a stern warning to not get carried away by any caveman hijinks at home. And, sure, while the film delivers on a...

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The Sesame Street Downton Abbey video. Hilarious!

Considering how addicted we are to Downton Abbey, we just couldn’t wait to tell you about the new Sesame Street Downton Abbey parody called “Upside Downton Abbey” that will air next week. The parody, which stars the Dowager Countess of Grantham and Carson the Butler at tea, is almost exactly like the real thing, complete with English accents and the drama that we all love, except with a hilarious Sesame Street twist. Enjoy the sneak peek. –Pilar Watch the full Sesame Street Downton Abbey when it airs Monday, Feb. 4. on...

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