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Customized coffee mugs for keeps

I’ve always loved coffee, but it took becoming a mother to truly appreciate the wonder that is take-out coffee. Yes, the coffee is more expensive than if I made it myself, but my daily latte is an indulgence I allow myself for a few minutes of peace. However, there is one thing about my little coffee habit that’s been bothering me: All those paper cups can’t be good for the planet. In fact 500 billion disposable cups are made every year. So I’ve been looking for the perfect reusable cup. Enter KeepCup: barista-approved, thoughtfully-designed, BPA-free, reusable coffee cups. Pick your...

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Crushing on Pantone’s color of the year: Tangerine Tango

Pantone has decreed that 2012 is the year of Tangerine Tango, which they describe as “a spirited reddish orange that continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.” I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been nurturing an orange obsession for years. It’s a bright look-at-me neutral. Yes, a neutral. That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s a color that amazingly goes with everything. Plus you don’t have to wear it head to toe in order to feel its power. A little pop of orange goes a long way.  If you’re...

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Old-fashioned modern dolls

I grew up playing with muñecas de trapo (rag dolls) so when I saw the new modern doll line by Cool Mom Pick favorite Petit Collage I was instantly smitten. They’re just like the dolls I grew up with — except that, well, they’re not exactly made of rags.  Far from it, actually. The fabrics designed by Petit Collage are so pretty and whimsical that you almost forget these dolls are toys meant for children. But they are! And how beautiful would they look on a shelf until your baby is old enough to take good care of them. There are three...

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12 fabulous calendars for 2012

Am I the only one who feels like the new year snuck up on them?  I still haven’t bought my 2012 calendar–despite the fact that CMP has already found this beautiful printable calendar and this fabulous calendar for kids. But wait, there’s more! There are so many beautiful calendars out there to be had, and now that it’s January there are great sales to take advantage of.  Plus 2012 sounds like such a nice year already — I think it deserves a pretty calendar in its honor, don’t you? So here I present, 12 for ’12. Some of them are...

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New Year’s cards are a very nice way to kick off the year.

I’m thrilled that New Year’s cards have taken off — after all, why should December mailboxes have all the fun? Plus, have I mentioned how much I love getting photo cards in the mail? (Yes, it looks like I have.) Also, let’s be honest, New Year’s cards are a brilliant solution for those of us who never got around to sending out holiday cards but would still like to. After all, you’ve still got a good month to send them out. Plus they’re now as clever and well designed as traditional holiday cards — sometimes, even more so. Here...

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Creativity inside the box

I love living in Boston, but every once in a while something so great comes along that it gives me serious New York envy. The Moomah NYC creative arts cafe is one of those things. But for those of us not within taxi distance of their organic cafe, cool classes, and drop-in kids craft station, they’re offering some of their craft projects now in handy kits just in time for holiday gift-giving. These kits include everything — down to the kid’s scissors — so you can bring the arts home, or really, anywhere you go.  I love the Imagination Creation Do-It-Together...

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Celebrity designed holiday cards that give back. And they’re actually nice!

OK, so you’ve probably never wondered what a holiday card designed by Jennifer Aniston or Zoe Saldana would look like, but here’s a hint: They’re stylish. Stylish enough that it surprised us. And stylish enough that they are carried by paper goods powerhouse Tiny Prints this holiday, and come with a fabulous charitable component too.  You are familiar with Tiny Prints, aren’t you? They brought hip back to cute paper goods, and this celebrity-designed line of cards is no exception. The irony (and I mean this in a good way) is that these celebrities have come together to raise funds...

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Slipper socks with oh-la-la

I hate the feeling of cold feet — yuck! — but my kids must not mind because they kick off their slippers at the slightest provocation, freezing floors be damned. Kids! They just don’t appreciate cozy toes. Or baths. Or naps. (Silly children.) Thankfully, my in-laws keep us stocked with slipper socks. They are considered basic kid’s gear in Europe, and they’re genius because once they’re on they’re so comfy and hard to take off that the kids keep them on. And now there’s one more brand I’m so excited to discover. I love the quirky cute slipper socks...

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Expensive fashion for those with more modest wallets

Designer clothes tend to be timeless and well made — I guess that is why the magazines call it “investment dressing.” However, the reality is that most moms simply cannot afford to invest thousands of dollars on one article of clothing, no matter how timeless and chic it is. Even if we want it really, really bad, and it would look super cute on us. Yes, you could always hit up the consignment shops — but who has time to do that with kids in tow? And of course, there’s eBay, but how do you know that item you...

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Free holiday invites and cards from Paperless post — last minute gets more stylish

I always feel more social during the holidays. Maybe it’s the cooler weather and festive music that inspires me to finally bring out the welcome mat and throw a party. (Fine, the fact that the house is finally decorated doesn’t hurt.) But custom paper invitations take time, rush shipping and printing can be expensive, and sometimes an ecard from Paperless Post can be just the thing. Thankfully, Paperless Post is offering free (yes!) fully customizable invitations that you can create and mail within minutes. You can add photos (a great way to use those Instagram shots), customize the wording and...

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The holiday cards for people who love paper

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending and receiving cards in the mail — especially the photo kind. (I can’t possibly be the only one. Who doesn’t love getting real mail? And photos? Everyone does!) It’s the best part of December, by far. Here’s the thing, though: Most of the photo cards out there are a little meh for my taste. I’m kind of obsessed with good quality paper. I want to send crisp photos that my friends and family will treasure — after all, it’s likely to be the only printed photo they will get all year....

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Sunshine on my shoulders

I know it’s hard to get excited about tote bags, but trust me, when they come from one of our favorite children’s labels, we do get a little excited knowing now they make something we moms can wear too. The new totes from Winter Water Factory really are something special. Don’t believe me? Let me count the ways…they’re beautiful. The eye-catching prints strike the perfect balance between gorgeous and earthy. Second, they’re smart. The roomy size and eight pockets keep everything you need at your fingertips, and one is the perfect size for an iPhone, so you won’t go...

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