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Eco-sweet and plastic-free: we’re in dollhouse heaven

When I survey my children’s toys, I have two thoughts: 1. I should have purchased stock in Duracell. 2. How can one household amass so much plastic? So I was thrilled to come across a world of handmade toys, interactive ideas, and three oh-so-beautiful words: “no plastic parts.” If you’re seriously nostalgic for simpler toys like I am, you’re going to adore the online toy store Once Upon a Treehouse. Once Upon a Treehouse is the charming brainchild of two mamas, Lori and Tara, who are sisters. The background story of their business is as sweet as their creations....

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Homemade baby food with a grown-up twist we love

My kids are long past infancy, but I have profound memories of the truly yucky jarred baby food I tried to shovel into their mouths. I always thought I’d be someone who made homemade baby food, but having my kids one year apart–surprise!–just about did me in. I barely had the energy to open those jars of yuck, much less steam veggies and operate heavy machinery (the food procesor). If Anni Daulter’s ultra-simple baby food recipes had existed way back then, there might have been two less gagging toddlers in the world. But Bountiful Baby Purees is more than just another homemade...

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Possibly the world’s cutest baby shoes ever. If you like elephants.

When my daughter was a toddler, she suffered from a malady we called “foot claustrophobia”. Wrangling a pair of shoes onto that squirming, hyperventilating child was an exercise in futility, until we found a pair that had a high “distraction” factor–a butterfly sewn on the shoe, right where she could see it. Much as it helped, that insect wasn’t even close to the cuteness level of these. The new pink/red Baby Elephant shoes from longtime CMP fave Livie and Luca are a bright fresh take on their popular Brown Elephants. These sassy pachyderms will steal your child’s heart (and...

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