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Sleep Is In The Bag

I think we can all agree that parents do not need another reason (teething, teething, teething) for our babies to wake up in the middle of the night. (Did I say teething?) With the right baby bag, like this incredible find from the Canadian designers, 3 Sprouts, you can certainly cross "too cold" off the list. The bag is a wonderful combo of poly fleece and cotton that will keep even your most mobile baby warm and safe on those cold nights without the worry of using a blanket. Having seen it in person – holy cow is this...

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Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow

Whether you spend the weekend with your kids on hiking trails or just braving the sidewalk sales like me, I can safely say we have one thing in common: We want our kids comfy when we’re out and about. So I was so happy to learn that my favorite drizzle-proof stroller blanket, the All Weather Woobee, now comes in a scrumptious shaggy plush. Created by mom Heather Correa, the wind and water-resistant nylon combined with the extra plush polyester makes these blankets invaluable on rainy days, cold nights and everything in between. Plus the handy ribbons tie right onto...

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Like It’s a Small World Only Without The Six Hour Lines

Okay I’m about to lose all my indie cred here but as a little girl I loooooved that It’s a Small World ride at Disney. The idea of all these little girls in very cute outfits from all different countries was magical. (After all, isn’t that what makes us all different in this world? Our clothes?) I got that same warm feeling the first time I caught Kuku Nest’s new Little Friends kids bedding. Four little multiculti girls share a pillow over a percale cotton field of bright dots. It’s like Damien Hirst meets Disney. Now if you’ll excuse...

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Silicone Isn’t Just For…Um, Binkies

As if plastic bibs aren’t already nasty enough to clean after every meal, can you believe that they’re now popping up on recall lists as well? While there’s always the cloth alternative, the last thing I need is to triple my laundry load. So check out our new find, Silikids, a company started by two moms who came up with the coolest and neatest (pun intended) bibs we’ve seen lately. In case you’re not familiar with silicone, it’s super hypoallergenic and dishwasher/washer/dryer safe. And while I  originally worried the food would slide right off, it actually sticks to the bib for...

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While I’m grateful for all the lightweight summer blankets I’ve received for my new baby, I still wanted something warm and cuddly for those overly frigid stores, restaurants, and my grandmother’s condo in Florida, a.k.a. The Air Conditioning Capital of the World.

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Crib Sheets Made for Sleeping

As adorable as they generally are, kids can be an assault on the senses. Their rooms are littered with plastic toys, most of which emit ear-splitting sounds and require daily battery changes, and their walls are painted with rainbows and clowns and construction equipment. Is it any wonder that the darlings have trouble falling asleep in there?

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I can’t be the only mother who’s tired of seeing the same old themes for kids’ rooms, especially when it comes to bedding. Not all boys want a sports-themed room, and not all girls want a ballerina-themed room. Licensed characters are even more limiting – they go in and out of style quicker than boy bands and that’s saying something.

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