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The low-commitment baby book

I think that mothers fall into two camps: Those who filled out their baby books and those who didn’t. Now Rag & Bone Bindery (who I love love loooove) has a fantastic solution for the latter camp who wants to be in the former camp, with their handmade 12 Wishes for Baby Book. Each small, beautifully bound book has a slot to paste a photo, followed twelve simple writing prompts like You can always count on me because… and When they write your life story it will begin like this… all ending with the lovely My wish for you…...

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Soft books for babies go green

Since I’ve become a parent, my delight with Peter Rabbit has been replaced with a desire to give him a time out for eating Farmer Brown’s veggies and disobeying his mama. He’s figuring out how to win we me over again though, by going green with his new eco-friendly Naturally Better line of books, baby foods, toiletries and toys. I am particularly taken by the new Peter Rabbit Organic Cloth Book which is called, appropriately, Snuggle. All of the cloth on this squishable book is made from organic-sourced cotton (the filling is non-organic), so I’d be okay seeing it...

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Excessively motivated parents, your owners manual has arrived

After researching my proposal for my own parenting book (Ahem, Sleep Is for the Weak, shameless plug, shameless plug) I thought I’d read every baby handbook on earth. And, I admit it, I became really jaded and snooty about them. Let’s just say there’s a lot of rehashing going on in the baby humor world and it’s hard to find a fresh perspective. The Perfect Baby Handbook: A Guide for Excessively Motivated Parents is totally different. Talented ex-Radar writer and Details creative director Dale Hrabi has produced a half graphic novel, half biting satire that had me at “competitive...

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The one page baby record book

We’ve all experimented with the best way to keep track of a newborn’s schedule of eating, sleeping, and pooping. If the pen-and-paper way isn’t for you, then Sarah Masci’s stylish and eco-friendly Lullaboard may do the trick. This dry-erase board is formatted to track important information about your baby’s daily existence. It’s especially useful for moms and dads with caregivers who want a report of feedings and diaper changes, but don’t need to save the report for future generations. They have a few different Lullaboard formats including newborn, older baby, and even a toddler format which includes a space...

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Baby Daze – The new mom’s record of, well, everything

The joke about the second child’s baby book being empty is actually a reality for most parents I know; by the time you’ve done it once before, you’re less likely to have the interest (or time) in recording every little thing. But for the ever-earnest new parent, the idea of recording the kid’s every bottle and burble and coo is fairly magical. Then again, by the second kid you can rarely remember what you did five minutes ago, so having an organizational aid may come in handy then, too. I know I often wished I’d written down whether or...

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The baby book for parents who live in abject fear of the baby book

The brand new Keepaboo has created the perfect solution for disorganized mothers of three like me– you know, the ones who can’t get it together enough to fill out a whole baby book by hand, but who don’t want to forget the milestones. Or worse, hand over a few dozen CDs worth of pictures to our grown children and be like, “Here’s your childhood, kid!” Now I can document all of those precious details online in custom “books,” where I can include the information I want and lose what I don’t. (Beats blank pages in the traditional baby books,...

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Get In Mah Belly!

Like many dutiful first time mothers, I took pictures of my growing belly (and unfortunately, thighs and butt) every month until I had my daughter. But what exactly are you supposed to do with those photos? And don’t say "screen saver."

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