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Babywearing with utter and complete warmth–for both of you

Allow me to set the scene: It is January in New England, subzero temperatures, and I need to get out of the house with my newborn in a front carrier. I used to routinely wear my husband’s coat over the baby, which somehow managed to both be too big and too drafty, all at once. Also, I looked enormous. Yeah, those were not exactly the good old days. Back then I might’ve sold my soul for a Peekaru, a positively heroic Polartec vest-slash-front carrier. Yes, heroic. This ingenious little garment puts an end to freezing babywearers. Large enough to...

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Babywearing twins. Yes indeedy.

My hat’s off to all moms of twins–double the gear, double the diapers, double the feedings. And not being able to wear both babies at once? That seems the most daunting prospect of all to me, since babywearing has saved my sanity with all three kids. So when I saw that the Baby K’Tan baby carrier could be used to wear twins, I was amazed. These two loops of cloth feel as soft as a well-worn tee shirt, and they can be arranged in all sorts of  configurations including a cradle hold for two babies up to ten pounds...

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The Belle Baby Carrier – You Can’t Go Wrong With Denim

My husband is totally willing to wear the baby, so long as it doesn’t require a mei tai (too many straps) or a sling (too uncomfy on his bad shoulder). That basically leaves him with our Belle Baby Carrier, which is both easy to use and light on the back, thanks to the smart waist strap and backpack-inspired ergonomic design. Plus it lets your baby face in or out when he gets a bit older. When I heard that they added organic denim (yes denim!) to their line, I knew I had come up with one more reason that my husband could take...

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Slings for the Fashionably Erudite

Regular CMP readers know that Kristen has described bibs as “outfit spoilers.” I feel the same way about baby carriers. (Plus I’ve always felt they stop me from showing off my postpartum cleavage.) So it’s for purely selfish reasons that I adore the reversible baby slings from Polkadot Papoose with big, bold and absolutely beautiful patterns that demand to be admired.  The latest styles are made with amazing fabrics in combos inspired by and named for literary characters. I’ve got the Josephine (better known as Jo from Little Women) myself which is a fresh blue and green pattern that’s...

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Summer Sling

The SolarVeil sling from Mamma’s Milk has taken up permanent residence in my pool bag, right next to the sunscreen. Because my baby boy has that pale porcelain skin that absolutely must be shielded from the sun, but with two older kiddos who adore the pool (okay, I do too), staying inside all summer is not a reasonable option. This summer sling is made with light gauzy fabric that’s not only perfect for warmer days, it provides amazing SPF 70+ protection – above and beyond the sunscreen that I still insist on applying. I can nurse completely discreetly with...

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift of All Time: Time Itself

Oh, the poor new dad. Not only does he have a demanding new baby at home, he’s probably got a demanding new hormonal mom around the house to contend with too. Really want to make her day next Sunday? Forget flowers and perfume – just try taking that baby off her hands for more than a minute. Toronto-based Pippalily is making it easier for the men, with slings that come in colors other than pink. The perfectly masculine camouflage print and plain black cotton slings were designed with helpful husbands in mind, and like the rest of the line,...

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Baby Slings With a Backstory

I’m all for babywearing, and not just because it keeps my baby secure and happy. Frankly, I’m more selfish than that, and slinging my baby frees up my hands so that I can do other things. Oh okay, the sling hides my flabby postpartum stomach.  But tot-to-go founder Shani Sam slung her baby for a bigger reason: Her daughter was born with a rare liver condition and required constant comfort. (Colic doesn’t sound so bad after all, does it?) Inspired by her baby, Shani began designing her own slings in cool cotton or cozy fleece-cotton jersey blends, to be...

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The Sweat-Free, Hands-Free Baby Wrap

I’m a devoted babywearer from way back, and for me, the appeal is convenience, not crunch. Being able to use both hands while still holding my infant securely? That’s pure genius no matter how much granola people think you eat. But the key word here is convenience. If a carrier isn’t intuitively easy to use, or the instructions are overly detailed, then it’s not my style. The Baby Wrap Carrier from mom-run Picara passes my convenience test with flying colors. Thanks to the clear instructions and the stretchy fabric, I easily turned a five-yard cotton rib-knit wrap into a...

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A Mei Tai to Dai For

As an experienced baby-wearer, I have gone through a number of carriers trying to find one that is "just right." I have given up the ease and convenience of Famous Mass-Produced Carrier in favor of my daughter’s obvious preference, the more comfortable, soft Mei-Tai styled one. But all that was before I met my soulmate of carriers, the Baby Bisou. This is a soft but structured design with a 100% cotton body and shoulder straps. The adjustable clasps on the waist and sides allow for a secure carry, either on your front or your back. I even adjusted it...

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What’s Better Than the Mercedes of Baby Carriers? The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 of Baby Carriers?

I fully admit that after writing up the PortaMEe hip carrier here last year, I wanted one. I sooooo wanted one. Not because it was expensive (seriously) but because it was awesome. Say what you will about whatever front carrier you’ve got being just fine thankyouverymuch but seriously, once you’ve tried this one it’s hard to be satisfied with anything else. Anything but the brand new limited edition Couture PortaMEe that is. This thing is totally over-the-top. In other words, Angie? Xtina? Gwen? You mamas reading? Now get one hand on the phone, and the other on your Amex...

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Slinging in the New Year

After trying on a massive number of slings, they are not all created equal. Sometimes that’s a good thing – the sling I used for my summer daughter just didn’t cut it when my January baby boy came along two years later. If you’re looking for something a bit heartier for the season, you must check out Chic Papoose. Along with gorgeous patterns and smart reversibility, these slings feature two cozy layers of fabrics. So your baby will rest comfortably and warm inside the pouch without you having to toss blankets over his head too. Then when your baby...

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Put Yo Baby on Yo Hip

I can’t tell you how much the pouch sling saved my life during the first five months of my son’s life– especially when I wanted to nurse in public. But carrying him in it now at ten months is a bit of a struggle. Plus, I always feel like he’s going to fall right out. But not with the PUJ Baby Go Sling, a snappy and affordable solution for hip carrying your baby. It’s not just that the fabrics are bright and fabulous, but it’s extremely easy to use and carry. Unlike typical slings, it’s way more compact. And...

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Yet Another Reason to Wear Your Baby

After wandering around a conference for two straight days with my son in a sling, I realized a couple of things: 1. He’s pretty darn heavy. 2. It didn’t matter what I wore because the only thing anyone could see all weekend was my sling. Knowing your baby carrier is going to be the focus of your wardrobe for months, I strongly suggest these ones designed by mom Tonjia Coverdale of Divas n Babes Boutique. A college professor turned momtrepreneur, Tonjia’s slings are extra stylish, featuring gorgeous fabric combinations including luxe cottons and dupioni silks, plus her signature asymmetrical tail. While the ring...

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Slings With a Story

We’ve heartily espoused the benefits of sling usage here at Cool Mom Picks, not only because we’re sling users ourselves, but because we keep happening upon gorgeous ones that we just can’t pass up. Such is the case with the slings from Green Pea Designs, except their story is as great as their fabrics. (Cherries and paisleys and toiles, oh my!) Not only do the slings include a unique padding that is softer and larger than so many others I’ve had a chance to check out, Green Pea slings are entirely handmade and marketed by work-at-home-moms. So when you’re...

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The Mercedes of Child Carriers

Sometimes when we hear about a latest/greatest/hottest new kids product we try it out and it really isn’t all that. (Snap, snap.) I know this is hard to believe–brace yourselves–but just because Courtney Cox-Arquette was given something for free doesn’t necessarily make it awesome.

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Slings Gone Simple

I have a confession to make: Slings scare me. While the benefits are undisputed and the styles no longer just for the granola set, they’ve always seemed like the kind of thing I’d be destined to tie wrong and whoops!–out the baby would go

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This Nest is Best

With an infant and a rambunctious toddler to chase after, I quickly relearned the value of the sling. Basically, it’s like my hoop earrings –the essential accessory that I never leave home without. But considering I’m trying to keep some semblance of my own style, I’mstill concerned with how it looks almost as much as how well it holds my baby.

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Sling Low Sweet Chariot

I met another like-minded mom at this indoor playground the other day. As she packed up to leave, she picked up her one-year-old, popped him into her ring sling, and away they went – her hands free with him comfortably nestled on her hip. Then I thought. I need one of those.

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