Oh Boy, a Boy!

If you’re wondering why things are moving a bit slower around there these past couple of days, it’s because our right hand woman and…

Oh Those Clever Dutch

I love poking around European kids shops because the sensibility is just a little…different than ours. Think fewer fire trucks appliqués, and more apples…

Take a Hike, Tinkerbell

I’m always looking for books for my daughter featuring strong female protagonists. They don’t have to be fist-in-the-air feminist characters, but they don’t have to be princesses dreaming of marrying princes, either.

A Dry Heiny is a Happy Heiny

If you’ve been wavering on whether or not to cloth diaper your child, we might have found something to seal the deal. Although sorry, it isn’t totally odorless poop that magically disappears on contact with air.

A Pinch of Flower

With each change of season I feel the call to update my jewelry drawer. It’s a sickness, I know, but with Spring in the air, I just can’t be asked to accessorize with the same old same old. Why, even the suggestion of it is shocking.

Love at First Flush

Like most of you, I’ve got excellent environmental intentions. And yet, even as I toss my soda cans in the recycling bin, I’m still creating my own personal landfill of disposable diapers.

Take Me Out to the Diaper Genie

Oh the poor diaper wipe. It spends its brief time here on earth smashed against its brethren, crammed into some cheap plastic sheath, and finally covered in human waste and tossed away without so much as a goodbye.