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This cup is made from plants. Yup, plants.

I have a huge sweet tooth. But, I don’t want to eat yogurt that’s impersonating a strawberry shortcake or alcoholic beverage. If I want shortcake, I’ll have shortcake! That’s one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Stonyfield Farm’s yogurt: It tastes like yogurt. I also like their organic, all natural ingredients and its yummy taste. And, now, there’s another reason to love my yogurt of choice. Stonyfield Farm is the first yogurt company to develop a plant-based cup for all their multipacks. The cup is still plastic, but it’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, plant-based plastic which is better for...

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Steel yourself for stainless baby bottles

We’ve been toting our drinks around in stainless steel bottles and containers for years now. But what about the babies? Well, obviously when they’re drinking their milk straight from the source, they’ve got the best drink container out there. But if a baby needs a bottle, it seems that a lot of the choices still involve plastics. Not anymore. The new Kiki Bottles from Pura are made from stainless steel and they’re free from all those icky things we don’t want touching our kids’ drinks, like BPA, phthalates, lead and PVC. Even the fun and bright paints used on...

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Plum Organics baby food – Not just plums, but definitely just organics.

I will admit it: I was not one to puree my own baby food. Ever. It always seemed like a fabulous idea and I envied those moms who did, but as a working mom it was just more effort than I had the energy for. Fortunately, there are great organic brands out there like Plum Organics, that are definitely the next best thing to growing your own pumpkins and mangoes and setting up the food mill. The new JUST line is pretty much what it says – little eco-friendly pouches of nothing but 100% pureed fruits, or fruits and...

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Like the milk man of the super hip. But peas.

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve got some mad cash, and you want someone else to deliver organic, healthy, super-fresh baby food to your doorstep… well, I’m a little jealous, actually. And Baby’s Belly is here to serve you. The brainchild of two Hollywood actors and parents, Baby’s Belly offers twice-weekly delivery of healthy, fresh meals for babies from 6 months through toddlers. And we’re talking really fresh–the peas are actually green, and the fish needs to be spooned into your kiddo within twenty-four hours. The Belly Big Kids selections read like the menu at a gourmet restaurant,...

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Big brands doing cool things – Munchkin introduces glass bottles

Thankfully, BPA free plastic baby bottles are now easy to find, but if you’ve decided to go the extra careful route and use glass bottles for your baby, you might find the search a little trickier. Well now you can hop over to your local Target or click over to Amazon and snag a few Munchkin glass baby bottles. Available in both 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, they are not only completely BPA free, but at $3.99 each, they’re reasonably priced too. The bottles are smartly designed with a molded side for easy gripping, and the vented nipples...

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Glass Bottles That Don’t Look Like Glass Bottles

Can you imagine there are actually people out there who don’t coordinate their baby’s bottle to his blanket, bib, and onesie? Heh. But seriously, if you’re a glass bottle user or just want to take the plunge from plastic, make sure to check out Smitten Baby’s cool new line of glass bottles, available at eco-friendly super shop Cooler Choices. Completely BPA free (of course), we love the fun polka dots in pink or blue. Depending on your nipple preference, you might find these to be on the soft side, so Cooler Choices made the extra effort to sell them...

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Raising a glass to glass baby bottles

I’m actually glad that I pitched all of the bottles I used for my first two kids and had to buy new ones for surprise baby #3.  Because with all the recent news about plastics leaching BPA and who knows what chemicals into the milk, I’ve gotten a lot more choosy about what I stick in my baby’s mouth. Medela has recently come out with new glass bottles and they definitely get a thumbs up from me. A totally safe alternative from a company we mamas have trusted for years, they’re finally widely available–both at big ol’ stores like...

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The Ultimate Bottle: According to the Company, and According to Me

Confession: I used to think nipple confusion was a myth invented by lactivists to keep kids on the boob. And then my second girl came along and, holy sleepless night, Batman, she would not take a bottle, no way no how. I asked – no, begged – friends, family, strangers on the street for any help and a few benevolent, wonderful souls me towards the Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle. My lifesaver! This super innovative bottle looks and feels enough like a boob to get you kicked off a United Flight when you whip it out. It’s supple, soft,...

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