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Kids bandages that make you go Yay! A boo-boo!

Luckily, my kid’s not as clumsy as I am. But lately, she keeps hoping to have a minor accident, because she knows I have two new boxes of super sweet kids bandages by Ouchies Jr. Although we select cereal and crackers based on nutritional facts, we buy adhesive band-aids solely based on cuteness. We don’t even look at brands. And these new designs featuring Olivia and John Scieszka’s Trucktown would definitely be top choices for my picky 3 year old. And me, because I love products based on children’s book art. The only problem is that the bandages are...

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Time to make my yoga pants proud

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom who has seen a marked decline in the amount of exercise I get since having children. Relaxing moments seem to have taken a steady dive, too. But suddenly, thanks to a wonderful new family exercise DVD called TOT YOGA, there’s a distinct possibility that both will be back in my life to stay. This charming mom-made DVD is an instructive video aimed at toddlers ages 10 months to 3 years and their weary parents (that’s me!), and its goal is different from any other kid yoga DVD I’ve encountered. First (and...

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Children’s bandages as avant garde human art project

If you’ve got a kid older than about a year, you probably know that bandages are pretty much the best little gift or stocking stuffer ever in the whole wide world. I have no idea if it’s the process of sticking and unsticking them, or the actual wearing of them that’s so appealing, but kids sure do love their bandages. CMP fave Ouchies has some great new options for kids who have outgrown Dora (but their parents are avoiding Barbie) like the Trippy Mr. Men and Little Miss licensed bandages – come on, how cute is “Little Mr. Bump”...

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Ouchies: Turning owies into art

They say hell hath no fury like a child denied a Band-Aid, but that’s only because they’ve not seen one of my kids offered the wrong Band-Aid (which is even worse). Heaven forbid I have nothing left but butterflies when my son has an invisible scrape. Thanks to Ouchies, I’m ready for anything: With a box of Own-Ages adhesive bandages on hand, there’s no more complaining. The injured party can choose a color bandage and grab the included markers to customize it perfectly. And if you want to make the tween in your life feel cool, pick up a...

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A sports bra that makes working out with baby a little easier. Darnit.

Contrary to what people try to tell me, breastfeeding alone does not seem to make the pregnancy pounds melt off. Looks like gym visits are in my immediate future. However, nursing in a regular old sports bra is a royal pain in the butt, usually forcing me to cut my workout short or put it off altogether. Well looks like I’ve got absolutely no excuses for ignoring New Year’s Resolution #1 courtesy of Bao Bei Maternity’s nursing sports bra. Created from a high quality, hearty athletic fabric, this nursing bra features a crossover front that holds your boobs in,...

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Because what good is Halloween week if you don’t get to say “ew” at least once.

So now I totally know what I’ll be handing out along with the candy on Friday. Presenting the totally disgusting–and I mean that in the best possible way–Scabs Bandages. Created by a friend of a friend, I’m so glad she turned me onto the hilarious bandages that cover minor flesh wounds with with imagery far worse than the real thing. Think flesh-eating worms, bloody eyeballs, and my daughter’s favorite, the zipper. The site is pretty perfunctory for the next few weeks, but you can still click the little paypal button and plunk down your $6.95 for a box of...

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Zobha Maternity – Pants for moms who say “Ohm.” Also, “Oh man, I am so pregnant.”

Oh sure, now that I’m almost done with my third pregnancy, scores of great maternity clothes are popping up everywhere. But considering how uncomfortable (and long) these last few weeks have been, I’m still shopping for anything that can get me through the home stretch without suffocating my belly. Take the long yoga pants from the high-quality yoga and activewear line,  Zobha. Sure, they look like typical yoga pants at first glance, but there’s a reason they’re called “The Essential Pant.” The  low “v” waistline is simply inspired, particularly for you mamas who can’t stand having anything touch your...

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The new mom’s workout video for workout video snobs

I’m sure you’ve noticed: Any physical activity is harder when you’re carrying or wearing an infant. Despite this knowledge, I never did find a baby-and-me workout video I liked. Everything I’ve seen since my daughter was born four years ago looked either a) too cheesy or b) too easy. I didn’t want to spend the time if I wasn’t going to get a firmer butt out of it.    Enter Lullaby Exercises from mom-run chicks-n-chickens. (Now let me say that because I no longer have an infant, I attempted to use my 14-pound cat Bella for the first part of the DVD. ...

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Bao Bei Active: Rekindling Every Pregnant Mom’s Love for Yoga Pants

While I’ve clearly arrived at the “Yoga Pants and Gauchos” trimester in my pregnancy, I’m not ready to give up on my style just because even my roomiest maternity clothes are suddenly very uncomfortable. So meet my new best friend, Bao Bei Active maternity wear. Granted, the only active thing I’m doing that warrants a special kind of clothes is chasing after my other two kids, but when did yoga pants ever discriminate? Their line of pants are body hugging without exposing every lump and bump, and the waistline fits perfectly under the belly without making you run to...

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I Feel Pretty. Even at 35 Weeks.

I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where I feel like that old cliché, the beached whale. Worse – I feel like I’m insulting whales with the analogy. It’s time to treat myself to something fabulous to help me feel pretty through the home stretch. The very new label, Bao Bei Maternity, is full of fabulous – from the colors to the styles to the soft fabrics and impeccable construction. Most importantly, their clothes fit beautifully, regardless of how far along you may be. There’s a great selection of it at mom-run Mom and Baby Sport (sounds comfy, doesn’t...

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Paging Dr. Mom

Seems like every time my girls and I hit the neighborhood playground, there’s a mini injury of some sort. We’ve had the bee sting, the bloody nose, the scraped knee, and the invisible boo-boo that needs more TLC than Neosporin. You know the one. The MediBuddy, the junior companion to the MediBag is the perfect solution to my traveling treatment woes. This family-invented portable first aid kit includes everything you need to soothe minor scrapes: Antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, even crayon-shaped bandages. And just like the doctor’s office, there’s an assortment of smiley face stickers to chase away the...

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Yoga Moms Do It With Zen

With the massive morning sickness-turned awful reflux that I’ve experienced for the last 6 months, I have gone from yoga enthusiast to…well let’s just say a deep forward bend brings with it more than limber muscles (like my breakfast, for instance). Needless to say, I’ve been dying to get back to my practice as soon as my baby is born.

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