Food + Drink

Pot Luck-y

The next time I show up at a friend’s holiday gathering with a delightful, home-baked pie…wait, let me start again. The next time I…

Bamboo For Babies

While we’re busy paring down the plastic in our kids’ toy boxes these days–whoops–totally forgot about the plastic in the kitchen drawers. If you’re…

Pregnant Women Say: Move Over, Saltines.

Yes, I do plan to eat that. And that. And THAT. I’m pregnant and hungry, and I’m also grumpy enough to sit on you if you get between me and my food. Only problem is, I can’t always figure out beforehand what foods are going to taste good–and are good for me and that hungry baby in my tummy.

Chalk This One Up To Good Thinking

In a perfect world, every restaurant would offer crayons and a paper placemat to keep toddlers’ attention away from the shiny, pretty knives. Or alternately, I’d remember to bring some myself to keep from having to let my daughter scribble on my checkbook.

Sucking It

Straws just make everything taste better. You could probably blend up a shake for your kids, the ingredients of which are straight out of an episode of Fear Factor, and they’d drink it if it had a straw in it.

Cooking with the Bambinos

I’m not a cooking enthusiastic, but I do want to encourage my daughter to learn life skills. In other words, I hope she can expand her food prep repertoire beyond instant mac-and-cheese before she heads off to college. Unlike, ahem, her mother.

Eating Groovy

Who says that kids have to eat off of plates with ducks or chickens or other barnyard animals on them? Besides if you ask me, there’s got to be some sort of bad karma when it comes to feeding a kid a burger on a plate featuring a cute cartoon cow.

Build Me a Martini?

We’ve officially hit the temperatures in my neck o’ the woods where icy cold liquid refreshments are starting to be top of mind. And just in time, we’ve turned up this totally clever and very official LEGO ice cube tray.

Sticky Fingers

When we receive an inquiry at CMP declaring, "no mom can live without it!" We can’t help but look more closely. After all, we’d hate to think of countless mothers needlessly passing due to the lack of a particular product.

Lick My Manolo

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for me to troll for two of my favorite indulgences – accessories, and chocolate. Although I admit I wasn’t expecting to encounter both rolled into one.

Little Green Thumbs

There’s no better way to honor Earth Day than to grow something. Anything. That is, something besides mold on the expired sour cream in the back of the fridge. Or is that just me?

Jonesin’ for Some Soda

While I’m a fairly noncompetitive person, and I’m not so much about the one-upping around the birthday party circuit, I have to ooh and ahh over what has got to be the coolest party favor ever for my daughter’s next bash.

Whatcha Got Cooking?

It’s no secret that cooking doesn’t usually inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in me. I’m especially hesitant to try new recipes – after all that effort, will it turn out well? Or will it end up dumped into a napkin when I turn my back and shoved into the nearest receptacle or willing household pet?