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Recession shopping tip: Last season it was new, this season it’s a sale

If you’ve been known to lust after designer backpacks and dream of sending your kid back to school in impeccable style, but can’t quite bring yourself to face the designer price tag, I have some great news. Now’s a great time to buy those gorgeous designs you drooled over a couple of seasons ago, at a price you might be able to stomach. Behold: Right now you can choose from an adorable array of Room Seven backpacks–sure, not this season’s, but who cares?–at a savings of up to 40% (or more) at Popodona. I won’t tell anyone you didn’t...

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Cute preschooler backpacks? – Reader Q&A

Help! I am about to send my 3-year-old off to preschool this year and I am looking for a cute backpack in her size, minus the TV characters. Any suggestions? – Jessica Your preparedness is inspiring, Jessica. I just checked the calendar and my soon-to-be kindergartener heads back to school in three weeks and four days. But who’s counting? We’re always on the lookout for kid’s backpacks that aren’t billboards for my kids’ favorite television shows and if you do a quick backpack search on our site you’ll find a bunch of choices, all of which are PVC and...

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A dandy alternative to backpacks for kids

My three year-old has entered that phase I’m lovingly describing as Her Jerk Phase. As in, the movie The Jerk. Remember that scene where Steve Martin says “The ashtray, the paddle thing and the remote control. And these matches. That’s all I need. And this chair.” Well that’s how it is getting out of the house with my daughter these days. If you know exactly what I’m talking about, well first of all congrats on having excellent taste in movies. Next, you might consider grabbing one of the wonderful pint-sized Mini Messenger Bags from Ellie Bellie Kids. The craftsmanship...

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Dante Beatrix: Putting our kids on the front lines of the eco-fashion wars

Believe it or not, moms are already starting to ask us about back to school shopping. (Seriously, chill moms! We’re not even up to camp ideas!) Backpacks of course are on top of the list, and we’ve got our eyes open for options besides PVC or heinous licensed characters that your kids will outgrow before the school even begins. We’re so excited to find out that chi-chi diaper bag maker to the stars, Dante Beatrix, is just starting to ship their new line of eco backpacks for kids. The bags aren’t just “eco” because one of them has a big old green recycling icon on it; they’re actually made 100% of recycled bottles, with the exception of the canvas trim which in itself is a green fabric choice. That’s about as far from PVC as a bag gets. The graphic icons are a little message-y: In addition to the green one there’s a pink heart and an orange peace sign. But your children will just think they look cool. Which they do. Pack your kid’s organic almond butter sandwiches in reusable lunch bags with a Sigg bottle full of hormone-free milk and they’re the coolest kids at school. –Liz EDITED TO ADD: Dante Beatrix is now Beatrix NY. Find them at Congratulations to Kristi D, winner of an eco-backpack of her...

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Pak Nak Fever

As a child of the 70s, I remember insisting that my mother sew my soccer patch, my daisy patch, and two souvenir patches from a family trip to Europe right on the top of my Osh Kosh overalls. Ah, my early days as a fashion trendsetter. Patches may have gone the way of the pet rock, but a modern update is here in the rubber decorative thingies (not the technical name) from the Portland mom team behind PakNak. Each soft, colorful soccer ball, flower, robot, peace sign, or cupcake is backed with strong Velcro you can stick right onto...

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A doggie fashion do

Okay so you went and got that Nemo (or whatever) backpack for your daughter that she begged for – and now, only six minutes into the school year she’s too old for it. How quickly they grow. And how taxing it can be on our wallets. A stylish and way affordable substitute comes via designer/mom Jubily Boyd and her wonderful shop, Amies Circle of Friends. She’s created a totally cute collection of pooches and turned them into a sweet series of vinyl bags (no lead – we asked) including backpacks,  totes, wristlets and more. Not one tops 25 bucks....

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