Chalk Talk

I’m a firm believer that well-behaved children should also be allowed in restaurants that don’t encourage them to color on the tables. But if…

Pak Nak Fever

As a child of the 70s, I remember insisting that my mother sew my soccer patch, my daisy patch, and two souvenir patches from…

A doggie fashion do

Okay so you went and got that Nemo (or whatever) backpack for your daughter that she begged for – and now, only six minutes…

Getting Kozy

If you think a car seat cover is frivolous, I can give you plenty of reasons why you might need one. Aside from the invaluable protection against juice and other not-so-friendly fluids, it can also de-genderize a verrrrry pink or navy blue car seat passed down from an older sibling or cousin.

The Horsepower of Babble

The only upside to the drab colors of most car seats is that bodily fluids blend in well. Otherwise, ugh. I know safety is the first priority, but car seats look and feel as if they were fashioned from Aunt Martha’s ancient sofa.

Oh, Kaed!

I finally came to grips withhavingto carry a diaper bag for the next year, if not more. So instead of pining after the hot leather bags for Fall that you don’t want anywhere near a leaky bottle, I found one that’s actually made for carrying them.