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Clippy Not Slippy

My first child is on her way and while I still have a lot to learn, one thing I’ve already got down pat is how not to experience a repeat of The Slippy Blanket Stroller Incident that occurred while I was walking with my infant niece. Let’s just say that when a blanket slides off a stroller and gets caught in the wheels, it’s not pretty. Thanks to Amy Long, the owner and creator of the ingenious Secure2Me Blanket, I don’t have to ever worry about losing my daughter’s blanket–or capsizing her stroller. These luxurious and stylish blankets come...

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Better than Duct Tape

The first time they throw thebottleon the ground, it’s kind of cute. They laugh, you bend over, and like the naive parent that you are, you give it back. But after doing it fifteen times straight, you realize that it’s not so cute, and neither are herniated discs or painkillers.

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