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The ultimate roundup of last-minute Easter ideas: Crafts, printables, egg dyeing help, and lots and lots of treats.

If you’re looking out for some last minute Easter ideas, we are here for you! You’ve still got a couple of days to whip up some fun treats, set up the kids with cute crafts, print out some coloring pages, or just figure out whether the Easter eggs will be submerged in dye the classic way, or subjected to wads of yarn, sequins, or printable crowns and mustaches. Whatever your plans for Easter, we just hope you all have fun doing it together. (Jordan Almond Bluebirds from Sweet Sugarbelle)   Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Our kids wait all year...

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The most fun printable Haggadah for kids we’ve ever seen

While mostly what kids look forward to in a Passover Seder is finding the matzoh, reading the four questions and stuffing their faces with as many macaroons or chocolate-covered Matzoh as possible, a few years back we discovered a clever Passover Haggadah for kids that I think gives them one more reason to look forward to the holiday. And now, what’s better, it’s been turned into a printable Haggadah so it’s even easier to get your hands on it. Equal parts conversation starter and interactive activity book in the style of Taro Gomi, My Haggadah: Made it Myself by Francine Hermelin Levite is a remarkably...

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Ridiculously delicious, all-natural Easter candy options that earns their place in the basket. Bring it on Easter bunny.

Let’s be honest: Easter candy is pretty much sugar and more sugar mixed with high fructose corn syrup with a dash of artificial food coloring. And we love every bite. I’m a believer in everything in moderation and am all for Easter being one of two days a year when we throw moderation for candy out the window. That said, if we can add a few all-natural options to the basket, I’m all for that, too. When all-natural Easter candy is as good as these 7 finds, why not. Related: Outrageously gourmet Easter treats that are not for sharing with the kids Little...

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6 easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids that look pretty darn cute.

As we all know, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so even my family dons the green and plays some jigs on March 17th. And though we don’t go crazy decorating our house with shamrocks or setting up leprechaun traps, there are plenty of easy, kid-friendly crafts we can do to celebrate the Emerald Isles on this day. I pared it down to six cool craft ideas that go beyond sticking shamrock stickers on green plastic hats. (Not that that can’t be fun for kids too!) DIY Green Clay Bead Necklace (tutorial, Tuts+) Okay so this definitely is the least easy...

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19 very (very) special non-candy Easter basket gifts kids will love.

Between school parties and Easter baskets from their grandparents, my kids will be coming home with chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to last us till the Fourth of July. So I’ve been looking for some extra special Easter basket gifts for kids that go beyond what you might find on your drugstore shelves. They’re perfect for those of you who want to ease up on the sugar; or for kids like ours, who are already going to have more than their fill from other sources. Mix them in with some traditional Easter fare (it is hard to resist jellybeans after all), or limit...

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7 easy school lunch ideas for St. Patrick’s Day from rainbow fruit to leprechaun sandwiches. (Contains no actual leprechauns.)

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekday this year which means it’s time to get festive with your kid’s bento box. (How’s that for a super specific column for you? St. Patrick’s Day Bento Lunches.) Don’t worry: You don’t need a PhD in crafts—or even the luck of the Irish—to take on these school lunch ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Each is simple to make, even after a couple of pints of Guinness. Kidding. Kind of. Related: 5 copycat Shamrock Shake recipes. You can even pack them in a Thermos.    Don’t fret if you don’t have a set of...

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Last minute Christmas help from gifts to apps: We’re all over it.

Need some last minute Christmas help? We are here for you, friends!   16 last minute ideas for Christmas gifts you can still get 40 creative stocking stuffer ideas, beyond bubbles The best gift card apps to make last-minute gifts easier 6 fun Santa apps for kids to help prove he’s real 7 of the best apps and websites for sending last-minute holiday ecards Handmade craft gift ideas that kids can make themselves Tons of gorgeous free printable gift tags and gift wrap 14 creative gift wrap ideas Easy holiday table setting ideas for a dinner with kids How to take better...

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11 ideas for end-of-year family photo books to make them even more special

We are the first to admit that we get so caught up in getting gifts for others (and recommending them for you all!) that sometimes, we forget to devote the time to our own memory-making keepsake gifts. One great idea that Kristen puts to use every year: once the holiday craziness has died down, she hits the photo book sites (some of which offer great post-Christmas discounts) and makes an end-of-year family photo book.  That way she can actually include all of those special Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve photos which never make it into holiday photo book gifts....

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16 fantastic last-minute Christmas gift ideas: It’s never too late!

Breaking news: We’ve got two days until Christmas. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one who hasn’t finished holiday shopping yet. Deep breath. Don’t panic. And don’t break your budget on $39 overnight shipping just because you get desperate. Instead, snag one of these easy, last-minute Christmas gift ideas, which can all be pulled together quickly. There’s something here for every price range too. And, just like that, your holidays are saved. The great thing about last-minute gifts is that they can inspire you to think outside the box and shop for things you may not normally think of, which can end up making...

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