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17 wonderful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that the kids can make | Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

I love looking for crafty DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that my kids can make, and I hope you like when I look for them for you. Because my criteria, I think, are fairly straightforward, and ones I bet a lot of you can relate to as well: 1) Do I own any of that stuff? 2) If I don’t own any of that stuff can I easily get it? 3) Can my kids actually do most of the work and if not, will I complain about it? 4) Will the end result look anything like the photos? Even a little?...

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21 cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids of all ages | Valentine’s Gift Guide 2016

We always have the best time looking for cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for our kids, whether they’re toddlers, tweens or teens.  Hey, it’s not like they’re expecting spendy chocolate truffles or diamond jewelry! Of course not every family exchanges Valentine’s gifts — and we still think cards are always terrific — but for those who do, we love all of these cool Valentine’s gifts for kids. Think of them as sweet ways for kids to give a little love to a sibling or best friend, or for parents or grandparents to shower a child with love, with something besides those chalky...

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11 of the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for babies and toddlers | Valentine’s Gift Guide 2016

It’s February, yay! And that means it’s time for our annual series filled with Valentines gift ideas of all kinds. Starting with those littlest loves in your life. So take a peek at all the cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for babies and toddlers we’re excited to have found. The best part is, you’ll be loving them all long after the 14th is past.   There has been no compensation in exchange for picks, just the stuff our editors love. CMP is an Amazon and rstyle affiliate.   Wooden heart rattle ($18, Bannor Toys) Love these handmade wooden rattles, handmade in...

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12 ideas for fabulous last minute Valentines gifts you can still get in time. Procrastinators, this one’s for you.

So yes, of course you can brave the crowds, hit the store, and track down something perfectly lovely as a last minute Valentines gift this week. But should you have actual kids to wrangle, or you know, job responsibilities or Netflix to catch up on, I could see where you might want to stay home and shop online. So here are a few last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can still order in time, plus drop-dead shipping deadlines from lots of stores that are keeping FedEx in business this week. Just be sure to confirm them before you...

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Last minute Valentine’s Day help: Printables, crafts, gifts, and recipes. We have you covered.

If somehow Valentine’s Day snuck up on you–or oh, say, you’ve spent the last month tracking down cool Valentine’s picks for your readers and totally forgot to do anything about it yourself (ahem)–fear not! We have hundreds of resources, recipes, gift ideas, DIY projects, crafts for kids and more to help you out. Go forth and be romantic!  [at top: DIY heart crayon craft from 100 layer cakelet]    VALENTINES CARDS AND PRINTABLES     19 of the best printable Valentines for kids from around the web 15 more of our favorite printable Valentine’s cards for kids (Above: Heart printables from The...

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16 hilariously funny Valentines cards. Because we can only be sappy for so long.

I like funny Valentines cards. You probably like funny Valentines cards. The real question is, do you have the sense of humor required to actually receive one of these? Or do you have the cool-enough friend or partner who’d rather receive a Kanye West card from you than something in flowery script about soulmates and picking daffodils together in old age? If so, we’ve got a few that you might want to order stat. You can always be sentimental with the gift. Trust me, as much as women may have a sense of humor, no one wants a whoopie cushion for...

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12 of the most fun, easy Valentine’s crafts for kids that we’d like doing too.

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I’m going to take advantage of this weekend with the kids to finish up their printable Valentine’s Day cards and make a few yummy Valentine’s food gifts to hand out to all our favorite people. We’re also going to keep our hands busy and out of the bowl of candy hearts by doing some of these awesomely unique, fun, and easy Valentine’s crafts for kids. I hope you’ll agree they’re all pretty simple, and definitely kid-friendly, with supplies you already own or are fairly easy to find. No need for buzz saws. Yet.   Recycled Valentine’s treat bag...

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16 of the sweetest first Valentine’s gifts for babies.

You didn’t think we’d forget little ones in our 2015 Valentine’s Gift Guide did you? While of course we dig all the romance of the day, we also can’t resist showering babies with love, which is why we put together this list of 16 Valentine’s gifts for babies, should you feel the need to do something ridiculously cute. Plus, just think of the awesome photo opps you’ll have to send to the grandparents on the 14th. Or, maybe you have a friend expecting around Valentine’s Day. Or a February shower that requires a thoughtful gift. No big splurges here–just little tokens...

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Share the love: 19 of the best printable valentines for your (very thoughtful) kids.

Yes, parenting in the digital age comes with the hassle of monitoring screen time and wondering if our kids are using social media for good. But there are also printable valentines, so we never have to comb through boxes of Dora and SpongeBob cards in a last-minute rush again. Instead, I’m letting my kids shop from some of the best printable valentines online. These cards will stand out from the crowd and score your kid major cool points with their friends. Plus, you don’t have to make them choose just one because almost all of them are free. So stock up on ink, because life just got way...

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