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Give a Mom a Table Saw and Look at What You Get

When both Liz and I were searching for a toy chest for our homes last year, we each ran immediately to Mod Mom Furniture. If that doesn’t tell you something (other than the fact that we have similar taste in toy chests), then see for yourself how amazing mom/designer/handler of table saw Kiersten Hathcock’s pieces are. Particularly with newest addition, the Bertie Box. The adorable storage box will brighten up any baby’s room, particularly if you’ve chosen on of those popular modern nursery sets. The casters kep it portable. And the puzzle top, in the shape of Bertie the Bird, makes it...

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Tax Day Splurge: Modern Kids Furniture that Should Come In Big People Sizes Too

Not all of us looking for kid-sized table and chairs are looking for our playrooms. Because, um, ain’t got no playroom. Instead what we’re hoping for is something we can put in the living room that doesn’t look like a polycarbonate plastic rainbow puked all over the place. Enter Bloom’s Otto table and chairs. The ergonomically bent "stylewood" in dark or natural stain matches nearly any modern decor. But because beauty is only plywood deep, the set is functional too, with a crafts tray that slides out from under the table top. I may be giving up precious living...

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Sleep Well, Baby. Very Very Verrrrry Well.

So what good is it feeding our babies organic milk out of BPA-free bottles, dressing them in organic onesies and letting them gnaw on non-toxic crayons if we’re going to let them spend 14 hours a day sleeping on a big pile of chemicals? Thus, the appeal of organic mattresses. You know how when you open up the crib mattress it smells like a science lab? Well when we opened our Natural Mat crib mattress last week, my toddler said, “Mommy it smells like lemons!” Which blew me away because sure enough, the lambswool inside our Coco Mat organic...

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The Only Thing Missing is a Diaper Changer

I’ve seen grown women fight it out over the need for a changing table on those baby message boards. I understand the problems faced by parents with limited space, but trust me, a diaper change on the bed can go horribly, horribly wrong. Well, if these moms knew about the Ubi Deluxe Changing Table, the only thing they’d be fighting about is which design they liked the best. Less of a table and more of a changing seat, the UBI Deluxe actually stores and dispenses diapers, holding them in place with a special little gripper. It wipes clean in...

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The Eco Nursery is Here and It’s Not Crunchy At All

When I hear that baby furniture is eco-conscious, I admit the first image that comes to mind is some unfinished knotty pine something or other that would look more at home in a hunting lodge than a modern nursery. But then I got an early look at the new offerings from Spot On Square and…just wow. The lines of the brand new hiya collection are clean and appealing, the wood against polar white works with any decor and every piece is made right here in the US. Plus it makes me feel great knowing not just that the wood...

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People Safe, Planet Safe

My husband and I go back and forth about my penchant for sleek, modern design versus his love for the old-fashioned basics. But what we don’t argue about is our desire for safe, environmentally conscious furniture for our children. I just may be able to tip him towards my camp a bit with Q Collection’s new junior line. Known for furniture and textiles that are safe for both babies and mama earth, Q Collection now offers a simply fabulous array of similarly fashioned kids’ furniture, organic crib bedding and accessories. The clean design appeals even to traditionalists like my husband, and the...

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Clean up those toys, young lady

If you live in a little-ish place like I do, toy space is a commodity. Of course that doesn’t stop the trucks and books and dolls and crayons from accumulating (God bless the grandparents) so we always look for furniture that serves more than one purpose. My newest wish-list item: The Big Play Table from the always wonderful Via Toy Box. Six of their signature wooden storage cubes in your choice of great modern colors and shapes support a sturdy tabletop that’s just perfect for art supplies, puzzles, or even a train set. In fact I wouldn’t get a...

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Art You Can Walk On

I have been in love with Lisa Masterson’s artwork for so long I could hang it on my walls, my ceiling, lean it against my furniture, and rub it all over my body. But walking on it? Something I hadn’t considered. But Lisa considered it. Because now her great shop Avalisa is offering beautiful wool rugs in three different sizes. The soft, hand-tufted New Zealand wool comes in beautiful color combinations, with designs for your kids’ rooms and beyond.  I happen to love her four different abstracts, which, like her abstract art, would look great in a modern kids...

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Clutter-free and fab

I remember really hating to pick up my toys as a child, and I can tell you it doesn’t get any better with age. I’m not a lover of the nightly toy excavation, inventory and restocking of blocks, trucks and primary-colored plastic items.

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I’ve been scouring the web for the perfect chairs for my daughter’s tiny heiny, but I always run into the same problems. Either the chairs look like they were grown at the awful plastic farm, or they cost more than a piece that I could fit in.This is not the case, however, with the Cubino Chairs at Monte Design. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re made of foam and polyester canvas, which means your kids can easily move them from room to room. Plus, they come with removable cushions and washable covers. Essential.For $99, you’re getting...

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