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It Isn’t Just For Breakfast Anymore

Summer is citrus season, as evidenced by the aisles of the local grocery store and the newest two-piece set from online boutique Sophia Carolina. Mom-slash-designer Sophia has paired this flouncy, juicy, good-enough-to-drink skirt with a simple white tank that’s punctuated with a lemon/lime/orange applique. Like all of her handmade dresses and little girl’s outfits, the citrus set is adorably, innocently, kid-like. None of that hoochie mama-in-training stuff here, no sir. Plus, all of the items are one-of-a-kind or made in very limited production. So shop Sophia Carolina now or risk missing out on all the scurvy-preventing goodness....

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I Can Practically Smell the Pineapples

This fun, handmade hula pattern skirt from mom-owned One Little Monkey is the perfect garment to herald the arrival of summer, if only because it’s 180 degrees from any sort of uptight school uniform or requisite navy gym shorts. If for some crazy reason your daughter is already over her quota of kitchy Hawaiian-print apparel, the skirt comes in other unconventional patterns as well (I admit to being partial to the chopsticks) in sizes 2T-5. It seems an appropriate purchase to celebrate the freedom of summer. Even if it is her freedom and not yours. Harumph....

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These Clips Make Me Giddy

Giddy1We’re just getting to the point that my daughter might actually have enough hair for a clip. However, I have been forced to put the kibosh on my victory dance due to the poor offerings of sassy hair clips that work on a head with barely any hair. Seriously, if you are not into satin bows or glittery claw clips, you are way out of luck.

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Because A Baby In Lame Clothes Makes You Want To Kill Yourself

You’re not a conventional parent. You do not have a conventional child. As such, it’s time to donate those my heart belongs to grandma onesies that remain crumpled and unused in the back of the drawer, and replace them with something a little more your speed. Lucky Lil Devil describes itself as the coolest alternative, gothic, punk, rock, baby, infant, toddler, youth screen printed clothing and apparel. (Phew!) They’ve got dozens of silk screens from the mildly irreverent daddy drinks because I cry to the wildly irreverent…let’s just say we’re not going to give you a preview here. Plus...

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