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Pigging Out

I am just not one of those parents who believe that every moment in a child’s day must be devoted to flashcards, language drilling and hardcore mind shaping. Sometimes kids just need to kick back and chill out around some fun cartoons.

Rockin the ‘garten

It’s an understatement to say that my daughter is thrilled about her first day of kindergarten. She’s already selected her outfit and has been mulling over backpacks. But she also has a gazillion questions

Do Babies All Have to Be Einsteins?

If you gave birth within the last ten years, the odds are about 4 in 5 that you’ve got one of those make your baby a rocket scientist DVDs on your shelf. Because even if you steered away from such things yourself, someone else thought it was a fabulous shower gift. Am I right?

Your Kid the TV Star

The consensus at Cool Mom Picks headquarters is that we don’t love licensed character products as a first choice for gifts. The only problem is, our kids generally do. So being the lovingparentsthat we are, we’ll occasionally cross the line to make our kids happy — or in this case, totally indebted to us for life.

YouTube for Moms: The Boob Tube?

One thing pregnant women and new mothers are definitely not lacking is a variety of information sources–some more desired (Cool Mom Picks) than others (the mother-in-law with some very interesting views on putting whiskey in the bottle). But picking and choosing from among the stacks of books and lists of URLs can be daunting. And frankly, who has that kind of energy these days? Sometimes a passive medium like TV is just what the doctor ordered.