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Keyword: Ties That Don’t Suck for Father’s Day

It’s not that we’re entirely averse to giving ties for Father’s Day, it’s just that for dads who wear ties to work, it seems a little…perfunctory. But for the hipster dad that doesn’t have to sport the cravat daily, we love the idea of getting him something a little special in the neckwear department. We’ve found just the thing at Bethany Shorb’s Cyberoptix Tie Lab, where every fanciful design is screenprinted by hand then beautifully packaged. There are skinny ties for the truly fashion forward; microfiber ties emblazoned with everything from funky Victorian gears to kitchen knives; and lightweight...

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Boys Get the Grills in the Back

Feminism and other gender equality issues aside, I’m more than happy to relegate the grilling to the sigOth. Men just have some primal need to play with fire, and I’m more than happy to let them. My guy would totally love Grill Charms, which is a smart little thingamabobby for chefs serious about their bbq. Invented by mom (and breast cancer survivor) Leslie Haywood, Grill Charms basically look like little thumbtacks to help differentiate the meat on the grill or on the buffet table- same concept as a wine glass charm. Use the steak collection to indicate cooking temperature...

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Make it a Double

With all the great frank and funny mom books out there, it’s about time someone came up with an equally entertaining daddy alternative. So we were tickled when we found out that Robert Wilder, well-known writer, columnist, and dad of two, had done just that.

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No More Mixed Decks

If you haven’t noticed, poker is taking over the world. And if you’ve got a spousal unit like my husband, you’ve seen enough Texas Hold ‘Em on TV that you could probably beat him at his own game.

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Pick Your Man a PacMan

Ever struggle over what to get your husband for Father’s Day because he just won’t tell you? Fear not, adventurers: If your baby’s daddy was a child of the 80’s, he’ll love receiving a video game from his misspent youth, one at which he can actually beat the kids of today.

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I May Look Like a Geek, But a Geek Who Can Find His Keys

For the style-conscious SAHD, your options are pretty slim if you want to avoid lugging your wife’s floral diaper tote around town. I couldn’t ever get stuff in and out of my messenger diaper bag, and last summer’s big vacation proved the rule that whatever you’re trying to find in your backpack—diaper, bib, camera, guidebook—will invariably be at the very bottom.

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