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Meet the cool dogs of Cool Mom Picks and the stories of what they’ve done for our families.

Update: This post was originally created on behalf of a brand that regretfully no longer aligns with our core values, and that we have removed from the content here. But we love the stories that our writers have shared, here and we hope you enjoy them too.   If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you know they can be like your other child. They’ve taught us love, they’ve taught us responsibility, they’ve taught us that we may never need to sweep up around the dining table again. (Ha.) Clearly having a special dog in the house brings a special kind...

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Kristen and I have never run this as a partisan or a political site, but that’s not to say that our values aren’t pretty clearly reflected on these pages. Our long-time readers know we are, and have always been, about inclusivity. Positivity. Diversity. Honoring our differences and seeking out what unites us. Providing support for all kinds of loving families, and seeking out more opportunities for all kinds of kids. None of that changed today. We’re still here. You’re still here, the hundreds of thousands of you who share these ideals. We started this site ten years ago in part to lift up those who need lifting up, whether...

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My 9/11 birthday

Adapted from a post originally published on   Hello. Today is my birthday. Which means your knee-jerk response is probably something like, oh, happy birthday, Liz! But as I’ve come to learn, a few seconds later, a certain realization will strike and you’ll add: Oh wait, today? Oh. Ohhhhhhhh….wow. Wow. Okay. Wow. I’ve had 15 years to get used to it and I’m still not used to it. I don’t know if I ever will be. When you have a 9/11 birthday, especially in New York City, there is no chance of escaping discussion about The Day and what...

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The silver lining of the Mylan EpiPen price hike news, from a mom of a child with food allergies

When we first discovered my oldest daughter was allergic to peanuts and could have an anaphylactic reaction, our allergist told us that keeping EpiPens with her at all times could mean the difference between life and death. Think about that as a parent. Death. Of your child. You can bet that since that day, she has never gone anywhere without her EpiPens. And since that day, we have had a huge additional annual expense that definitely puts a a strain on our budget. But, that’s what you do to keep your kids safe. So you can imagine that we’ve been all ears when it comes...

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Why I stopped making my daughter clean her room | Thinking : Parent

I am a neat person. Well, as neat as a mom of four kids can be. I wasn’t always considered neat. In fact, my college roommate might read this and laugh hysterically because there was a point in time that you couldn’t even see my bed because of the piles of crap. And the sink full of dishes? Record breaking. [Top image: Eye Just Shoot on Etsy] But now there are no piles of crap. Mostly. The dishes are done before I go to bed. (Yay kids, A.K.A. free labor.) And the amount of wiping, and sweeping I do is nearly worthy of...

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Important links we’re reading on a somber week. Because #blacklivesmatter.

Each Friday we offer up web coolness, a collection of our favorite links, videos and articles we’re liking around the web that week. But this week, in light of the horrific murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile that are weighing so heavily on our hearts right now, we wanted to share some links specifically around the subject of these tragedies. You’ll find an array of diverse voices and points-of-view that have resonated with us, personally, in various ways. You may not relate to all of them. That’s okay. We think it’s important to hear lots of perspectives. If you are hurting so much you can’t...

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10 simple ways to be a great friend to a new mom (who could probably really use one right now)

The other night, I went to a birthday dinner with four of my nearest and dearest mom friends. We’ve been a mom squad ever since our now 8-year-olds were in an infant playgroup together. Truthfully, back then, I found being a new mom totally isolating. I didn’t have my own mom friends prior to giving birth and my playgroup crew became my go-to besties for advice, sanity checks, humor, and good company. But it wasn’t until I had a serious bout of postpartum depression after my second child was born, that I really thought about how truly important it is to...

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Chrissy Teigen proves celebrities are moms! Just like us!

Oh bless you, Chrissy Teigen. Because for every perfectly retouched celebrity baby photo all over Instagram, every “look how hot I am in a bikini 6 seconds after giving birth” celebrity selfie, every quote from a sanctimonious lucky-gene-club winner about how pregnant women who gain weight and “let themselves go” should be flogged with their own illegal crib bumpers…we have Chrissy Teigen. Yes, she does look beautiful. And so does her baby. But we love her best for her humor. After announcing the birth of Luna Simone Stephens to Chrissy and husband John Legend on April 17, check out some of...

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New study: Married people have an advantage when it comes to cancer survival

This week, a new study was published in the journal Cancer, indicating that married people have a “marked survival advantage” when it comes to cancer. And this here single mom sat up and took note. (If, admittedly, a little defensively at first.) As reported by HealthDayNews on the site, researchers from the non-profit Cancer Prevention Institute of California looked at more than 800,000 adults in California diagnosed with invasive cancer over 10 years and the results indicated: -Married men had a 27% higher cancer survival rate than single men -Married women had a 19% higher cancer survival rate than single women. Wow. This also...

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Disney LEGO minifigures are released, but look who’s missing.

Now that they’ve been revealed, I’m looking at the new Disney LEGO minifigures with great interest. I mean, I doubt there’s a kid on this planet who doesn’t imagine an array of 18 Disney characters transformed into LEGO minifigures and know right away that there will be at least one they absolutely have to have, please Mom, I’ll do anything, pleeeeeease….!  Related: 19 cool Rey Star Wars toys and gifts, from LEGO to tees to wall art It’s a fairly diverse selection, with characters ranging from classic Mickey and Minnie, to Pixar faves, and even less blockbuster-ish characters like Stitch, all available in May in those $3.99 surprise packs. But looking...

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