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If you read Cool Mom Picks for all of about 10 seconds, you’ll realize we’re huge supporters of the community of mom-trepreneurs. We know how hard it can be to get a business off a ground, particularly while chasing small children around, and so part of our mission is to help get the word out about cool stuff that moms are making and selling.

Bleeding Ears, So Not Cool

Mauvis_at_flickrAs we’ve pointed out here before, the problem with most children’s music is that the more your kids love it, the more you want to jump out the window. Allow us to point you towards a few remedies–three bloggers with both children and excellent musical taste.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”

MamazineI think many of the mainstream parenting-type magazines make fine reads… for my daughter while I’m on the toilet. What toddler doesn’t love to flip through pages of baby pictures and toy ads? But when I’m looking for something to challenge my slowly deteriorating mom brain, I head right over to