Style + Beauty

Mommy likes the leather

Having just picked up the sad, scattered remains of a beaded ring just now destroyed by my brute of a 6 month-old, I forgot…

Stocking stuffer central

Sometimes I shop with a person in mind. And then sometimes I just browse fun shops and think, "ooh, who can I get this…

Taking Style Cues From Your Daughter

Confession: I admitto wearingone of my daughter’s hair clips out of utter desperation.
Granted I didn’t wear it out of the house (I swear) but still, there’s something to be said for sharing accessories, provided they don’t have Elmo on them.

Buh-Bye Mom Shoes

Mom jeans definitely get more than their fair share of negative press. But hit the playground and you’ll see that mothers can be just as big fashion offenders in the shoe department. Comfort is one thing, but running shoes? Really? Like, all the time?