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Thinking about adopting? Here’s how to get started, from a parent who’s been through the journey.

If your family has been thinking about adopting, I’m here as a BTDT mom to help. This year, my family grew by one more child when my husband and I adopted our daughter, a spunky 2-year-old from South Korea. It feels like we’re experts on adoption at this point, having waited a full three years to get her home, but it doesn’t feel that long ago that we were totally clueless about where to start. I’m not going to lie, the process is long and bumpy. And it can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. But without hesitation I’d highly recommend it to anyone who feels...

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10 of the best, thoughtful gifts for newly adoptive parents and their kids

As a newly adoptive parent, I’ve received a lot of generous adoption gifts from friends and family that celebrate our daughter’s culture and heritage, and speak volumes about the fact that she came into our family in a way very different from our other three children. Of course, like any new parent, an adoptive parent would welcome home cooked meals, gift cards, boxes of diapers. But if you’re looking to give a more meaningful or sentimental gift, I’ve pulled together 10 of the best adoption gifts that I would love to have received myself. Each one of these is sure to get a very...

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Swell Forever takes personalized baby blankets to a whole new level.

This spring, two of my friends have had kid number four which as we all know, makes it a little tougher in the gift-giving department. What baby gift do you give to the veteran mom who has three of everything already? Think heirlooms and personalized gifts. (Unless of course you are buying gifts for George Forman’s sons.) I just found the sweetly personalized baby blankets from Swell Forever and think they’re just perfect, since they take personalization way beyond monogramming. Send them your custom message, and they’ll print it on a tag sewn into the luxurious, made-in-the-US blanket. A sentimental message is so sweet, but you could also use a...

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What one remarkable family is doing to support adoption

We are lucky to have Kate Etue, one of the most incredible writers and all-around loving, wonderful people on our staff. And when she showed me what she was doing to help support the 147 million orphans around the world, and her own pending adoption, let’s say I grabbed the tissues. Then rushed here to tell you all about it. In that order. It started out with the design of their own lovely adoption t-shirts to raise money from friends for their own adoption. But I think they’d be awesome shirts for anyone supporting adoption in any way. Isn’t the message...

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Web Coolness: Breastfeeding confessions, celebrity dads on fatherhood, free printable crafts

Every Friday we share our favorite links that we’ve found around the web. Here they are, and we hope you like them too!   Must buy:  Mike Boon’s Pixar Alphabet. [h/t whatanart] Must see: The worst apps for kids. Beyond what we could have imagined we’d find in the App Store. Must read: How one woman got over breastfeeding in public. Must watch: Hank Azaria’s new video series on Fatherhood featuring every awesome celebrity dad. [h/t blurbomat] Must look: London photographer Chino Otsuka‘s amazing series of her..with herself as a child. Makes you think: Adoptee Brett Hunneycut’s memoir of meeting his birth mother...

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Web Coolness: Calvin & Hobbes IRL, hilarious Pins for Parents, and great books for strong girls

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too! Calvin & Hobbes in real photographs – love these! (via Laughing Squid) Big smiles for this mama who fulfilled her adoptive 13 year old son’s wish for a birth announcement in such a warmhearted way. Is Girl Power Hurting Our Boys? Interesting read for those of us raising sensitive sons. Kristen’s parody of Pins for Parents takes a hilarious look at what reality looks like for parents. Does your daughter need some reading material? Some great picks in this list...

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National Adoption Day gives us reason for thanks

While most of us will give thanks on Thursday for Thanksgiving, there will also be many families giving thanks today, for National Adoption Day which falls almost midway through November’s National Adoption Month. In honor of this special time for so many, we have rounded up some of our favorite adoption-related picks. Lisa Leonard’s Chosen necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry to commemorate an adoption, and I really like that you can add charms for other family members or to include important dates. Want a tee for your little one to sport that tells the world just how...

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Adoption t-shirts that say just the right thing

With the end of November just around the corner, we had to sneak in one more adoption gift in honor of National Adoption Month – this time the incredibly sweet I was born in my mama’s heart shirt from friend to Cool Mom Picks, mom-owned Baby Brewing. While Baby Brewing is generally known for shirts printed with clever, sometimes snarky sayings for moms and kids, we were instantly smitten with this particular shirt’s lovely sentiment. And it doesn’t hurt that 100% of the purchase from this shirt is donated to help feed hungry children in Haiti. That’s 100% awesome.  -Kristen Find this adorable...

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5 favorite picks for celebrating National Adoption Day

With some of our closest friends and family (and yes, even you, our fabulous readers) taking the plunge into parenthood through the amazing gift of adoption, we’re always on the lookout for amazing finds as a way to celebrate their journey. So in honor of National Adoption Day today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite adoption-related picks.   1. The beautiful My Journey, My Family adoption journal  written by Zoe Francesca and illustrated by CMP fave Susie Ghahremani, is a lovely way for parents to document their adoption story without fudging around some of the traditional baby book categories. 2. We...

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Great adoption gift? Reader Q&A

My husband and I are pursuing domestic adoption and hope to be matched with a birth mother soon. We know that it is traditional to give the birth mother a gift after the baby is born, but we have no idea what to get for a very brave woman that we will barely know, but owe so very much to. -Natasha How exciting, Natasha. Like you said, I imagine it’s hard to narrow down all that gratitude into a single gift of some kind, but we’re thinking that a personalized piece of jewelry would be a good choice. I’m...

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