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Alpine Pluggies make flying with kids a whole lot less painful

I was cruising the eye and ear care aisle at CVS last week on vacation, waiting for my daughter’s ear infection prescription to be filled (womp, womp) and trying to find something that might help her ears for the plane ride home. On a whim, I grabbed a few packs of Alpine Pluggies for her (and for me, actually), and wow, I have to say that they made a huge difference for the plane ride home. Related: The cutest travel pillow for kids when they’re too big to fall asleep in your lap These special earplugs, available in sizes...

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Earth Day pick: Green Toys to help keep our oceans clean

I often talk to the kids about why it’s so important to keep our neighborhood and parks clean by recycling or picking up trash we find on the sidewalk. And this Earth Day, I love that Cool Mom Picks favorite Green Toys is reminding us how important it is to take care of our oceans and waterways too. Green Toys’ Safe Seas Sets, created in conjunction with the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, pairs a fun biplane toy or submarine toy with the paperback All the Way to the Ocean which will get kids thinking about how little actions–like tossing a gum wrapper...

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Flying high

Personalized nursery art is one of our favorite baby shower gift ideas, especially when it’s as sweet and affordable as this custom print.   I love this simple little personalized airplane art print which can feature a letter or name on the side–though I love the single initial. It’s a great option when you want something that will look great in a newborn nursery, but won’t be so easily outgrown. –Liz Find the personalized airplane print for kids and lots more very cool art online at Let’s All Make Believe....

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Tip for flying with babies – Buy this.

Does the thought of flying with your baby on a long journey completely stress you out? When your little one is small and doesn’t have his own child’s airplane seat, you cross your fingers that you get a seat up in front with more leg room that could be easily used for your baby. But, those seats are hard to get and you need a backup plan. This amazing device: the backup plan of your dreams. [editors update 2013: it is listed as “compliant with FAA regulations,” but still not FAA approved at this time as far as we...

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Fly the friendly skies

It’s officially spring, hooray! And while I’ve got a slew of spring and summer play clothes ready for my son, I always find that scoring a cool dressier option to be a challenge. If you’re in the same boat as me, moms of boys, you’ll want to check out Muny. You don’t need to have a pilot for a husband like I do to be smitten with the boys’ airplane shirt which is available in three color schemes in sizes 1-4. The handblocked print is cute without being cutesy, and the super light, comfy cotton has enough structure to...

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Cloth napkins for kids that don’t look like cloth napkins for kids

One of biggest and easiest green changes I made in our house was that I started using cloth napkins instead of paper. But it’s amazing how hard it is to find cute cloth napkins for the kids, let alone ones that aren’t so big they might as well have a whole table cloth tucked under their chins. Enter the ridiculously adorable embroidered cloth napkins from mika&bu. Made from 100% organic cotton, these reusable napkins are the perfect size for little kid mouths, hands, and laps (I can wish, right?), all with graphics that are super cute without being too cutesie....

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Even pilots need to wash their hands

Just when I thought I could get away with absolutely nothing plane related in at least one room in my house, I happen upon the new acrobatic airplane hand towels exclusively at Mahar Drygoods. Granted, I don’t necessarily need to buy them, but they’re actually a great alternative to kid bathroom decor that typically involves licensed characters, garish colors, or worse, a combination of the two. Handmade by Kathy Steig, these whimsical airplane towels make the perfect bathroom addition, whether you’ve got a pilot and a couple of mini pilot-wannabes in the house like us, or just some kids...

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The leg room’s not bad but they don’t serve lunch

When I saw the Cardboard Designs airplane at Arte Bebe, I immediately sent it to my husband the pilot, who immediately sent it to all his pilot friends because it might just be the coolest plane toy we’ve ever seen. We’re already fans of recyclable cardboard toys for kids, and this airplane is no exception. Construction involves nothing but a few tucks and folds if that, and then your kiddo can design his leg powered fighter jet, bi-plane, or Boeing 757 with crayons, markers, paints, and his own imagination. Or hers. Because around this place, girls love planes just...

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This one’s for you, Amelia Earhart wannabes.

With my husband being a pilot, my kids are pretty obsessed with planes. And that includes my oldest daughter, who also happens to love pink. Do you know how hard it is to find anything that has to do with both aviation and pink? Well not anymore, thanks to the Girl Airplane vinyl wall decals from Graphic Spaces, the brain child of graphic designer Christy Wernert. The decal set includes the plane, clouds, and everything you need to apply it to your wall – including a surprise gift and how-to instructions. (You’ll definitely want those since these decals are...

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