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34 of the coolest lunch boxes and bags | Back to School Guide 2016

While we admit we don’t always love packing lunches every morning, we do love picking out cool new lunch boxes for our kids each year in time for back to school. And so, our Cool Mom Picks 2016 Back to School Guide continues with tons of our favorite finds this year! From colorful and happy lunch boxes, to adorable animals, kids’ favorite characters, hip designs for tweens and teens, and everything in between, hopefully there’s the perfect one for your kid. (We sure know our kids are having trouble picking a favorite.) And we’re so pleased that our guide is brought to you by our...

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24 pop culture Easter eggs featuring your kids’ favorite characters: Parenting win!

If your kids are looking for their Easter eggs to have a little more personality this year, we’ve found tons of ways to make some fabulous pop culture Easter eggs, all representing some of kids’ favorite characters. While it’s always fun just to dunk eggs in dye or color them with markers, these ideas just might keep your kids decorating the entire day. Or…us. (If we’re honest about it.) However while some of these pop culture Easter eggs require a steady hand and some pro skills to make them come out just like the photos, you can also use these ideas as a jumping-off...

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Tokidoki and Clek collaborate for some out-of-this-world car seats

Sprinkle-donut spaceships. Cactus planets. Floating unicorns. Ninja aliens. All together. Seriously? Yep. Thanks to the brand new  Tokidoki-Clek car seats and boosters, created in partnership once again between the safe, swanky car seat company Clek and the LA artists at Tokidoki. I loved their first series of car seats, but I am over the moon for these new ones. And to think, when my kids were little and I was picking out their car seats, I got to choose between grey, blue, or pink fabrics. Tokidoki’s anime-inspired outer space fabric is a far cry from that. It’s so detailed and vibrant, I bet kids everywhere are going to beg to be buckled up. And...

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Cool summer camps for kids that go way beyond swimming and archery

With spring break in the rearview mirror, our kids are already looking forward to heading off to camp. So we thought it would be fun to explore the coolest summer camps out there. We were blown away by what we found — from camps with long histories and cool new programs, to camps with activities that we had no idea you could even do at camp! It’s sure come a long way since we were kids and your choices were pretty much limited to art, music, or sports. Now we just wish we were young again, so we could...

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The 2015 NY International Children’s Film Festival lineup. You want to go.

If like me, you fell in love with the art of animation all over again after losing yourself in the artistry of releases like The Book of Life, The Boxtrolls, and the totally-robbed-by-the-award-show-establishment LEGO Movie, then listen up: The NY International Children’s Film Festival is coming! (Yes, I am a total animation geek. Let’s talk Bill Plympton sometime.) – Don’t miss an exclusive discount for our readers below –  Looking at the terrific lineup, I was immediately excited about the North American premiere of When Marnie Was There (above). This is the latest offering from Studio Ghibli, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who brought us the wonderful The...

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Japanese anime-inspired diaper bags? We say Tokidoki!

Diaper bags are kind of like minivans. They are super practical, but don’t exactly scream funky fresh. But this new Tokidoki and Ju Ju Be diaper bag collaboration is like taking your Honda Odyssey and making it a low rider. We’re talking blinged out, and we’re talking awesome. Tokidoki always gets me with their great designs and Japanese anime-inspired looks. (I’m partial to the milk carton on a skateboard, and the cactus kid.) Pair that graphic style with Ju Ju Be, a popular diaper bag, and you have a Tokidoki diaper bag that will stop traffic. (Of course, they’re really stopping because your...

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It’s a small world in The Secret World of Arrietty

Want to know why we’re in love with The Secret World of Arrietty? Family Movie Night in our house usually means the kids pick an animated-to-the-gills cartoon that tries to make itself relevant to “all ages” with lots of double-entendre, fast-paced action scenes, and mildly suggestive sexual tension. (I’m looking at you Puss in Boots.) So how refreshing to find a G-rated movie that has our all-ages audience riveted without a single car chase, animal hip-hop number, or over-their-heads joke. Having never read The Borrowers, I came to The Secret World of Arrietty with little knowledge of the story...

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Hello Kitty. In yo face!

When Hello Kitty launched Hello Kitty Beauty a while back, I was thrilled. Sure, I’m a Hello Kitty fan, but I was mainly excited because the collection offered perfect gifting ideas for all the teens in my life, like my makeup-obsessed niece. But now with Hello Kitty’s fall makeup collection, Graffiti, I’m thinking I need to snap up a few pieces for myself, believe it or not. The Hello Kitty Beauty Graffiti collection, sold exclusively at Sephora, gives the world’s most famous cat some major street cred. The line includes an eyeshadow and blush palette, roller-girl perfume and a...

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Tokidoki goes bambino, yippee!

When I first saw the new line of tokidoki apparel for babies earlier this year, I gasped — Must. Have. Now. But alas, it wasn’t available in the US “now,” then. Well, now it’s starting to be. These colorful characters are like the best of Hello Kitty without the worst of Hello Kitty — colorful, quirky, Japanese anime-inspired characters with a whole lot of edge, all from the mind of Italian illustrator Simone Legno. I’m a fan of the tokidoki lil’ devil kids’ tee spotted at Plum Denim, and the priceless little rocker onesie found right on the Tokidoki...

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