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Kitchen lifesavers! 21 favorite easy holiday recipes made easier with kitchen shortcuts

Those of you who are also fans of Cool Mom Eats (and hey, thank you!) know that I’m all about coming up with smart solutions to help busy parents with home cooked meals that still feed our families quickly and easily. Especially this time of year, when presumably most of us would rather spend our time hanging with the family, not stuck in the kitchen. Well, depending on the family of course. (Heh.) So we’re here to help with some smart kitchen shortcuts and easy holiday recipes that keep meals simple, speedy, healthy, and above all, totally delicious — thanks in part to our...

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Our favorite cocktail party foods to have on hand for easy entertaining.

Holiday entertaining doesn’t have to be a blockbuster affair. In fact, some of the best holiday gatherings are small, impromptu get togethers and relaxed gatherings with easy cocktail party foods, festive snacks and, of course, seasonal drinks. During the holidays especially, I stock my pantry with these snack foods so that I can invite people over whenever the whim strikes. With these goodies on hand, I know my guests will be well fed—without any hard work.   Lesley Stowe Crisps Crackers are a must at any gathering, and I’m not talking about everyday butter crackers. Don’t get me wrong, those...

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Easy DIY Cinco de Mayo party ideas and recipes. Including guacamole. Of course.

I don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the same vim that I used to, but it remains one of my favorite holidays. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ll drink a margarita any day, any time, because it really is always 5 o’clock somewhere. I’ve even found a bunch of super fun, family-friendly, easy DIY Cinco de Mayo party ideas from crafts to decorations to very yummy recipes, all of which make me love it even more. Check them out, so you can do the same. With a margarita on the side. Even a virgin...

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6 easy muffin tin recipes too irresistibly cute and delicious to refuse

Cutesy food isn’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for easy muffin tin recipes. Real kid- and grownup-friendly food portioned in just the right size is just too fun to resist, especially when the mini factor can make dinner more appealing to picky eaters. Give one of these 6 tasty recipes all baked in muffin tins a try, and you’ll see: Make it small and they will come. Always a sucker for the unconventional, I’ve got to start with the Mini Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco Bowls (above) from Keepin it Kind. Kristy use the underside of the muffin tin...

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7 to-die-for Super Bowl dip recipes for the win. Even if your team loses.

It’s wrong how much I love Super Bowl food, from nachos to pulled pork sandwiches, wings to Corona cupcakes. (Yes, Corona cupcakes.) But Super Bowl dip recipes have to take it as my favorite game-time snacks.  There’s nothing like a bold, creamy dip served with salty, crunchy chips to get the party started. Which is why I’ve rounded up these 7 insanely over-the-top, can’t-stop-eating them Super Bowl dip recipes that you’ve probably never tried before. That’s right, mamas: it’s time to ditch the French onion soup mix and sour cream, and go for the touchdown.   If you’re looking...

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Winning Super Bowl recipes that you can make ahead in your slow cooker

There’s something about made-to-order food that doesn’t feel right for the Super Bowl, especially with amazing Super Bowl recipes so easy to whip up. I’m not dissing you pizza delivery fans, but if you think that make-ahead Super Bowl recipes are the winning way to go, you can do it more easily by making them in your slow cooker. These quintessential football snacks, from dips to meatballs, cheesy potatoes to nachos, are low-maintenance and sure to satisfy even the heartiest eater in your family. And I say that as both the cook and the heartiest eater in my house....

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9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection

One of my favorite things about summer is dining al fresco. Backyard meals, beachside bakes, picnics in the park: you name it, I’m in. If you’re grilling your eats, try one of these delectable 8 summer BBQ recipes. But if you’re planning an outdoor feast with no fire source, prep these easy recipes at home for a killer picnic spread. With your basket full of these picnic dishes, all you need to do is grab your pretty waterproof picnic blanket, portable speakers and, of course, the kids. No dinner clean-up required! Sandwiches are the obvious move for a picnic, but these Pressed...

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