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Fast food gets a whole lot slower, and healthier, with the new Burger King Paleo menu.

As busy as we are with our kids and all the activities we’re running to every week night, like most parents, we really do our best to feed them healthy foods. That usually means eating together before hockey practice, or packing some sort of meal on-the-go, which admittedly can be pretty uninspired. So when we caught the big news yesterday about Burger King testing out a Paleo menu [h/t Slow Food Digest] we were actually pretty excited. Or you know, as excited as you can get about a fast food chain trying to offer healthier options for families. Now let’s be honest here, the whole idea of a Paleo diet is that you’re eating anything...

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5 ridiculous baby products that seem like April Fool’s Day jokes…but aren’t

Every now and then we see ridiculous baby products that make us wonder if they’re real or…if they’re April Fool’s Day jokes left over from years past. Turns out, these five crazy baby products are not jokes at all. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t make us laugh. Or gasp. Or encourage some parents somewhere to think, “hey, I need that!”  We’ll chalk it up to pregnancy brain. We’ve all been there. You get a free pass.   1. The Baby Mop. Hey, your baby’s rolling around on the floor anyway, might as well put him to good use....

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Self-Respect Underwear offers just the messages our girls need right now

We admit, like a lot of parents, we were pretty shocked (to say the least) about the new Victoria’s Secret line of sexy panties with provocative phrases being marketed towards young teens. Do our ninth-graders really need DARE YOU written on their rear ends? Don’t answer that. So we searched far and wide and we were beyond thrilled to find a line of panties made for girls that we can support. It’s from a mom-run company called Self-Respect Underwear, and they’re still adorable, which means our tween and teen daughters will like them, but they’ve got sayings a little...

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Web Coolness: Peeps diorama contest winners, Laurie Berkner’s musical, and Victoria’s Secret backlash

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too! Creativity and the cuteness abound in this year’s Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. RIP, Mr. Twinkie. New mamas, don’t miss Kristen’s post about 5 New Mom Things I Wish I’d Done Differently.Although Victoria’s Secret is now rethinking its decision, you all have a lot to say about the company’s marketing of provocative underwear to younger teens. This Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents and Terrorising Toddlers is music to our ears.  You could help give some special kids a very special...

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The Best April Fool’s Jokes of 2012

Okay, so clearly at Cool Mom Picks we’re all 14 year-old boys at heart because we love April Fool’s, and we always love calling out some of the greatest April Fool’s jokes spreading across the web every year. Here, a few favorites of 2012 so far: *a violent Hunger Games app–for kids 6 and up. *reddit, as it might have looked in the 1960s *skip hop introduces bacon teethers *Conan O’Brien buys Mashable *Google’s new “really advanced search” *disposable diapers, now with more bling *think geek’s annual list of “new” products including electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad (that’s...

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Disposable diapers: Now with more bling

We’re not surprised that prettier disposable diapers are the hot new trend, with the growing popularity of designer diapers like the Huggies jeans diapers and Cynthia Rowley Pampers we featured here on Cool Mom Picks. So we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw a photo of Jessica Simpson’s recent baby shower gifts, which included a set–you won’t believe it–of Swarovski encrusted diapers. Disposable ones. We know. So while we wouldn’t recommend spending $150 on a diaper that your kid pees and poops in, an Etsy mom has created a kit so that you can make your own designer...

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Breast Milk Popsicles – Surprisingly, not bad at all.

Now that spring is here, a kid’s (and uh, a mom’s) fancy turns to ice cream–arguably our favorite of all the food groups. We consider ourselves ice cream connoisseurs around here, but I have to say, I was surprised to try a brand new ice cream made from, of all things, breast milk. Mother’s Milk Pops are a family effort in more ways than one. They’re the creation of mom Janis, a lactation consultant, and her husband, Leif, a pastry chef in Berkeley, California. When her children had finally weaned after four years (wow!) they had so much remaining...

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An iPhone application you can’t turn your nose up at

Of all the iPhone apps we’ve reviewed lately, this one is definitely giving us the biggest chuckle: Virtual Nose Job: Children’s Edition. It’s the brainchild of a top Palm Beach plastic surgeon, who realized that when his patients’ daughters hit about six or seven, they often notice that their mommies have different, more appealing noses, which can lead to serious self-esteem problems. The application was designed to offer hope that their noses can in fact be changed. Sometimes earlier than you think. The interface is easy for even a young child to use all on her own – just...

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