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Enter the dragon

I am generally frustrated with all the embellished girls’ pants out there are covered in flowers, sequins, sparkles, or (eek) all three. So when I got wind of the Sejong Dragon Pant from CMP fave Tea Collection I thought, fabulous! Or, however you say fabulous in Korean. The sturdy, high-waisted, slightly flared dragon pants jumped out at me right away, and turns out the dragon pants are on the cover of their catalog so I guess I’m not alone here. I love the durability and versatility; Tea is showing the embellished canvas pants paired with their floral top, but...

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It’s the Year of the Tiger (it’s the cream of the fight…)

I may not have an ounce of Chinese in my heritage, but I still love baby gifts that reflects the Chinese zodiac. With the Chinese New Year starting The Year of the Tiger today, I’ve put together some of my favorite tiger-themed baby gifts. And a fun giveaway too! Tigers on clothing abound, but I prefer them to be more cartoon-cute than Ed-Hardy wild, which is why I have a soft spot for Colette Kids’ Organic Cotton onesie. It’s also available as a tee-shirt for bigger kids. We at CMP have long been fans of Oliver Chin’s Chinese New...

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There’s way more to Japanese pop art than Hello Kitty

When I was in Japan a few years ago, I tried desperately to pack my suitcase full with as much adorableness as possible. But lucky for me (and you), I don’t have to endure the super long plane ride to stock up on imported Japanese goodies thanks to new find Japanistic. Take the Shinzi Katoh cotton tote bags, which feature the illustrator’s signature whimsical artwork that we’ve already completely fallen in love with (Remember these bento lunch boxes?) And I’m thinking that we might have to forgo the candy hearts for my oldest next week and stuff one of those totes with the adorable Elph +...

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Loloko is Japanese for oh-so-cute

I confessed my serious addiction to Japanese cute when I told you about Momiji dolls, so please cut me some slack if I seem a little gushy when talking about Loloko Shop. This little Northern California shop does cute right with little trinkets, home items and office supplies. And the frugalista in me loves that nothing in the shop costs more than $12, meaning things are priced right for kids–and for adults who could do without a credit card hangover. Opened back in 2006, owner Laura (“Lolo”) fell in love with Japanese kawaii during her two years spent living...

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The kids’ pajamas to wake up to Christmas morning – and every morning after that.

I know friends who have a holiday tradition of giving the kids a new pair of pajamas every Christmas Eve. It makes for fantastic photo ops on Christmas morning — but then I visit in the spring and those poor kids are still walking around in candy cane stripes with elves on the chest. For alternative, I am looooving the Kung Fu style Pajamas from mom-run Douglas & Cocoa. These soft, slouchy, sophisticated Asian-inspired pajama sets come in patterns like a forest plaid or a red and green flower print that look festive for the holidays without feeling theme-y....

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Momiji dolls make passing notes cuter than ever

I’m a little unbalanced when it comes to “Japanese cute” (kawaii!) like Momiji Friendship Dolls, the uber-trendy little resin dolls from London’s Artforum, which are a modern and more affordable spin on the traditional Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls. Like the Kokeshi, Momiji dolls display an amazing attention to detail and expression that have both me and my eight-year-old daughter unable to decide which one is our favorite. At under $20, these heavyweight dolls are meant to be handled, not displayed–a good thing since I know my girls would have one in their pocket to take on their adventures. Before...

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Tokidoki goes bambino, yippee!

When I first saw the new line of tokidoki apparel for babies earlier this year, I gasped — Must. Have. Now. But alas, it wasn’t available in the US “now,” then. Well, now it’s starting to be. These colorful characters are like the best of Hello Kitty without the worst of Hello Kitty — colorful, quirky, Japanese anime-inspired characters with a whole lot of edge, all from the mind of Italian illustrator Simone Legno. I’m a fan of the tokidoki lil’ devil kids’ tee spotted at Plum Denim, and the priceless little rocker onesie found right on the Tokidoki...

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