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The Crocodile Dundee of Australian skincare is luxe, all-natural, and super effective.

Remember when Crocodile Dundee said, “That’s not a knife; THIS is a knife?” Yeah. That’s how I feel about cheap face wash right now, because this new jojoba oil skin care line straight out of Australia is giving me major results. Every day is a g’day when I’m slathering myself in products by The Jojoba Company, and that’s not nearly as hokey as it sounds. My current regimen includes washing with the Purifying Citrus Foaming Cleanser, moisturizing with the CoQ10 Antioxidant Serum, and doing weekly masks with the Skin Refining and Brightening Face Mask. Although all the ingredients are...

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The summer necklaces that will get you all the compliments. Promise.

I have lost count of the number of compliments I’ve received on my gorgeous Elk necklace. And I’m gearing up for more now that they’ve released their newest collection that’s perfect for summer. The gorgeous new Elk jewelry collection is now available at SFMOMA, which means easier access to this Australia-based company’s pieces, for those of us who are stateside. With Mother’s Day (and my birthday) coming up, I’ve got my eye on the layered leaves wooden necklace (above), though I’m torn between the yellow and the red. The navy woodplate necklace would look fabulous over a white t-shirt...

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Hats off, Aussies. These kids’ accessories dazzle.

When I saw this adorable little outfit on Planet Awesome Kid, I knew I had to track down the hat immediately. It brought me to the most wonderful Australian webshop filled with so many amazing kids’ accessories. Including possibly the  most awesome kids’ boots I’ve ever seen. Australia is always rife with great kids clothes, and because the dollar and the AUD are pretty darn close right now, it can be a decent deal to shop from there. Especially if you’re getting something really special that you haven’t seen anywhere else. Milk N Soda is a fun source for...

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Just what the future doctor ordered

There’s something that seems to be universally fascinating to kiddos, generation after generation, about playing doctor – and by that, I mean the kind with stethoscopes and tongue depressors and a plethora of toilet paper “bandages.” My childhood doctor kit was molded plastic and lasted one weekend. What I would have given for one of these. The gorgeous Wooden Play Doctor Set by Australia’s Miss Yesterday is made of different renewable timbers and includes a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, tube of antiseptic lotion, and two “blister packs” of pills. It’s finished in a rich, eco-friendly clear oil, and it’s suitable...

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The cutest beach robes for your little beach bums

Now that our neighborhood pool is open, my kids and I practically live there, Which that means I’m willing to spend more on good quality towels and swimsuits–a lesson I learned after going through far too many per kid last summer. So when I discovered these gorgeous pool robes from down under, I knew I had struck summertime gold. You have to trust an Australian company to know their beach towels, which is exactly why the locally made Terry Rich Australia kids’ beach robes are so darn awesome. Between the stylish design and the soft, hearty fabric, which actually dries you...

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Clothes for tween girls that you’ll both like

One of the biggest requests we get these days are for clothes for tween girls that aren’t slutty. (Their words, not mine. Okay, mine too.) It should not be so hard to dress a ten year-old like a ten year-old, right? Well I’ve discovered a beautiful, classy collection of girls’ wear out of Australia and bonus–it’s on sale right now. At One Sunday, you’ll find lovely dresses, skirts, tanks and shorts for 8-14 year olds, all designed and ethically produced in Sydney by designer Henrietta Cheshire. I’m loving her sensibility–so classic and pretty, but not stuffy at all. And...

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Get pinned

The new jewelry designs from CMP fave Polli just went live this week and uh, hang onto your credit cards, mamas. The laser-etched, lightweight metal jewelry is back with some lovely choices–check out the way cool Captain Cook pendant, part of a collection from Melbourne cut paper artist Emma van Leest; and the woven doily necklace that beautifully combines ribbon with annodized steel for a modern, romantic effect. If Queen Victoria were around today, she’d be so into this. But what’s really catching my eye is the new collection of colorful wooden brooches inspired by things like colorful vintage...

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