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8 of the coolest high-tech baby gifts that new parents will actually use | Baby registry essentials guide

There’s a ton of high-tech baby gear out there these days — but not all of it is stuff we’d actually use or recommend. I mean, just because you can invent a training potty with an iPad stand that doesn’t mean you should. So we put our heads together and took a good look at some of the very best high-tech baby gifts you can find, narrowing it down to 8 we think are definitely worth a spot on your own baby registry. Speaking of which, we’re thrilled to present this next post in our monthly Baby Registry Essentials Guide on behalf...

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The Baby Registry Essentials Guide: The Coolest Gifts for the Eco Mom

You know how much we love to seek out the very coolest baby registry essentials and must-haves, both as a group of moms who are searching for cool baby gifts for our own new additions, and as those who only wish we had them when ours were young ones. Especially when it comes to cool eco baby products that make you feel that much better about the items you’re buying. So we are beyond thrilled to have joined up with the most perfect partner, Gugu Guru, the brilliant online baby registry, for some of the coolest baby essentials. They make personalized, unbiased product...

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The smartest way for new parents to save some money: Rent baby gear from Expectantly

Budgeting for a new baby can be overwhelming for many of us. You need clothes, diapers, a crib, a stroller — the list goes on. And on. While some items like rattles and burp clothes are relatively inexpensive, others — like a car seat and high chair or even crib bedding — can be beyond pricey. It’s hard to know where to splurge on something you’ll use for years (hint: go for the nice stroller) and where to save (skip the expensive bassinet you’ll use a couple months, at most). So, when I found out about the cool new site...

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6 modern baby bouncers that are super stylish space-savers

Sometimes in the world of baby gear, less is definitely way more. These modern, space-saving baby bouncers capture this spirit in a big way. Their sleek designs mean your living room can look less like a mini gymnasium and more like smart, stylish adults live there. When my first child was born, I splurged on that deluxe set with all the bells and whistles, dangling toys, and musical buttons. My sister, on the other hand, chose a bouncer that was about as big as her diaper bag and folded up to slide under the sofa when not in use. Turns out her baby was just...

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The new BabyBjörn watercolor collection is a thing of beauty

Okay so maybe we didn’t completely buy those pastel Pantone colors of the year during the winter. But now? Spring! And just in time, BabyBjörn is totally on trend with a new line of baby gear they call the BabyBjörn Watercolor Collection. In fact, I get a little daydream-y just looking at all those icy blues and soft turquoises, and not because I’m jonesing for a new baby to stick in their carriers.  (Though if you have one, I’ll gladly ooh and ahh at you.) Not every color is available for every item. Like you’ll find our highly recommended BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light in...

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Oribel PortaPlay, a baby activity center that lasts beyond the baby years. Really.

When that baby of yours hits the 5 or 6 month mark, so many things begin to change. Suddenly your baby is way too big for hanging out in the swing, but too little to sit and play in the pack n play, and this is where the exersaucer can save the day.  Not like we need a ton of new gear around our home, but we are bouncing up and down for the new Oribel PortaPlay convertible baby activity center design from Oribel which, in addition to having a great design for play and development, can transition into a play table as your child grows, making it a smart value. (Editor’s note: We’re receiving security warnings when...

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A modern baby bounce chair without all the bells and whistles. And that’s a good thing.

One of the best new-mom tips I ever received was to invest in a nice baby bounce chair. My BTDT friends swore that we’d use it every single day, and they were right. I’ve had a few over the years, and by far my favorite were the simple, minimalist rockers that just let my babies bounce at their own whim—rather than the battery-operated, light-up, talking and vibrating chairs that can be overwhelming to me, much less my tired infant. Now that I’m waiting for baby number four, I would love to get my hands on the beautiful Wave Wave baby bounce chair from Babyhome (the...

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The BabyBjorn bouncer gets a modern makeover with polka dots

I’m determined to keep the baby clutter to the necessary minimum for this second round of parenting, and not a wipe warmer more. (Actually, not a wipe warmer at all.) We misplaced a few of our essential items, though, including the trusty baby bouncer so what great timing to discover the new BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft from the BabyBjorn Dots by Karin (as in, the company’s art director Karin Hoxster) collection that’s exclusively at Kohls. I was raised in a house designed almost entirely in black and white, so this very cool modern polka dot collection caught my eye right away. It’s exactly what I have been looking for —...

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What to buy for twin babies? Reader Q&A

Q: I’m having twins and I need everything. Where do I start? Please help! -Julia A: For this post, we’ve called upon friend, blogger, and twin mom Kelcey Kintner for some first person advice. Twins! Yay! Wait, why are you hyperventilating? Ha. Kidding. I know it can be pretty daunting to figure out what you need when you’re expecting not one but two wriggly bundles of joy. I can’t help you take care of them (seriously, don’t even ask), but as a mother of twins, I can absolutely tell you what you really need to buy or borrow. And...

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The coolest new baby gear: Editors Best of 2012

While our annual guide to the best baby shower gifts is always a smart place to search for the coolest baby gifts and gear, so many fabulous new gear essentials have come out in 2012 that we’re excited to share some of our very favorites. Liz Bloom Zen Stroller When one of our resident stroller experts, Melissa, swears by a stroller I sit up and take note. She called the Bloom Zen “the perfect compromise between an umbrella stroller and a heavy-duty buggy,” with a super easy fold, and compact profile for small spaces. And if you’re not up...

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A bouncy chair that does nothing except bounce. Shocking!

As much as my 5 month old would love for me to hold him 24/7, it’s just not humanly possible. For the times I need to put him down, I think there’s nothing better than a well-designed bouncy chair to keep baby upright while giving him a good view of the action. And that’s it. In other words, no bells, no whistles, no motion-activated animal sounds, no batteries–shockingly old school, right? [don’t miss a fabulous giveaway after the jump!] I’m thrilled to have found the chic and simple Vida Bouncer from Maclaren, which does nothing more than bounce. It’s...

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Mamas & Papas is good news for mamas and papas everywhere.

The last thing that the world may be waiting for is another stroller brand. And yet Mamas & Papas is not new to the world–just to the US. As of, oh, about right now. And I actually was waiting for it. For real. After nearly 20 years, Britain’s number one baby brand is ready to make its mark on the states and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Mamas & Papas is still family-run and having had the pleasure of meeting that very family, I was charmed by their commitment to safety, style and meeting the real needs...

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