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The cutest new baby and toddler dishes happen to do good for the planet, too.

If your kitchen cabinet is anything like mine, the brightly colored kids cups, bowls and plates have likely taken over. If you’re going to give into the kid stuff (which you probably should, unless you like broken dishes), first check out this fantastic new find of ours: The eco-friendly and adorable My Natural line. – Check out our Instagram feed for more great finds from the NY NOW gift show this week! – This is no mere plastic! The critter themed bowls and dishes are in fact created from eco-safe, plant based starches, and from food-grade silicone for the bowl bases and grippy...

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Dapple natural baby cleaning products: No surface left unclean

Having a baby has been a joy, a wonder, a delight–all that warm and fuzzy stuff. But I have a confession to make: It has also made me a germaphobe. I’ve never been a neat freak, but lately, I’ve morphed into a little bit of an obsessive Purell-carrying, baby wipe-wielder. I’m not sure how I feel about that (control issues, who me?) but Dapple‘s fantastic line of natural baby cleaning products is my current enabler. Much like their tried and true favorites, including the fragrance-free pacifier wipes we already love, I’m so happy to see that the mom-run Dapple is out with new...

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Raise your hand if you’d like your kid’s food to stay on the plate, not on the floor.

Meal time with a toddler can feel like a special kind of hell. Aside from picky eating, the real frustrations for me came in when my little eaters managed to throw what seemed like all of their food on the floor. If you’re the type of parent who spends countless hours pureeing your own organic yams, then food waste is especially irritating. Then again…it’s especially irritating for those of us who put a few Cheerios on a plate and call it a snack. Let’s just agree that extra clean-up stinks no matter what. Enter Adi, the brand new Stay Put Plate that I am so...

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3 cool new feeding utensils for babies that reinvent how they learn to eat

Baby food. Oh, baby food. Some parents love it, but me, I dreaded the mess. Still, your baby has to learn how to use a spoon sometime, and that can be harder than you might think, with all of that scooping, balancing, and mouth-eye coordination. So we’ve come across three new feeding utensils for babies that are making it so much easier for them to feed themselves. Yay for learning–and for no more pureed avocado on the curtains.   NumNum Dips are an innovative fork-spoon-spatula thing that’s like training wheels for your baby as he learns to feed himself. NumNum as designed them...

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We’re head over heels for Willo Baby’s eco-friendly treasures for babies and mamas

You know we are always on the lookout for fabulous resources to support our goals of easy, beautiful, and natural living, but our latest one-stop shop find, Willo Baby, impressed us beyond expectations. We are totally kvelling over their collection of affordable, original, and thoughtful indulgences for baby and mama. Willo Baby’s wonderful new online shop of eco-friendly family items is curated by an L.A.-based husband-and-wife team who clearly know what they are doing — and most importantly, what they like. The finds at Willo Baby include sweet baby bibs and swaddles in stunning prints and fabrics, clever mobiles and wall...

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An XOXO to OXO’s new BPA-free snack servers

True Parent Confession: Life is so hectic that I once served crackers to my toddler in one of her own shoes. I couldn’t give her the giant, store-fresh bag of cheesy crunchers in her car seat, but I had promised her a snack. So she had an empty Mary Jane of slightly sandy crackers. So here’s a better idea. (As if there were a worse idea.) And it’s a better idea than mystery plastic from China, too: The awesome new BPA-free feeding line from OXO. This brand new line of BPA-free snack and feeding line for kids has something...

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mOmma cups wobble but they don’t fall down

You know how you can tell when your kid is using a really cool sippy cup? When you hear they sell them in the MOMA design store. Oh, and when they’re imported from Italy, of course. The new mOmma line of baby feeding products fits the bill on both counts. But it’s not just cool. It’s also quite practical – in a nifty, roly-poly kind of way. These feeding products for infants and toddlers from mOmma incorporate a round design that makes mealtimes easier on moms and more fun for babies. Cups, forks and spoons are designed to rock...

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Subscribing: It’s like an inbox full of awesome

If you’re reading this, you are fabulous, and we love you, and we want to bring further awesomeness to your inbox a couple of times a month, plus chances to win fantastic prizes. All you have to do is subscribe to Cool Mom Picks before Thursday (hurry!) and here are 5 reasons why that’s a good thing. 1. Our subscribers are just a wee bit more special than other subscribers. It’s true. 2. In addition to our fab monthly newsletter, CMP subscribers have the chance to enter to win a delicious prize pack designed to make family dinner time...

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The game of cute eats

Sure, as a seasoned mama, you know that even the cutest plate won’t keep the applesauce out of baby’s hair and the peas out of her nose, but hope springs eternal. And really, what makes a better baby gift than adorable tot-sized tableware? French Bull‘s latest offerings include this gameboard feeding tray, complete with wee adorable spoon nestled in its slot on the side. Maybe your toddler will eagerly eat along the “path” to score a win, or maybe she’ll just look really adorable while she feeds her dinner to the dog. Either way, I think it’s a pretty...

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Babies deserve a little Green Toy action too

We first fell in love with Green Toys way back in the day of the lead paint recalls (aw, remember those fun days?) and knew they were onto something fabulous. Well sure enough, their line has expanded beautifully since then and today they’re doing some super cool things for the littlest people in our families–who we’d rather not be gnawing on cadmium in their spare time. The new line, aptly called My First Green Toys, includes classic baby toys like a baby stacker cleverly designed to eliminate that center post, and building blocks billed as the world’s first environmentally...

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Born with a pewter spoon

When I first had a baby, I kind of thought that a baby feeding set was one of those silly, outdated keepsake gifts that sits on the shelf. As it turns out, my toddler and my four year-old still fight over the “teeny spoon.” Because you know, all things teeny are great when you’re a four year-old girl. For a more 21st century twist on the traditional gift of baby’s first spoon, I adore the pewter baby feeding set handmade by Beehive. I spotted it at the new baby gift category of online shop Orange and Pear. It’s lead-free...

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Earth Day Pick – Worried about melamine in your children’s plates? Yeah, so are we.

When I first discovered Smiling Planet, I was instantly smitten by this mom and pop company’s avid commitment to teaching children respect for the environment through artful, eco-friendly housewares. Essentially Freddy and Olivia Deane have devised a way to make dishes out of a recycled polypropylene plastic that’s free of BPA, Phthalates, melamine and all that other stuff you hear about in scary news stories these days. Even the packaging is eco-d up the whazoo. Each plate features a different illustration from the Smiling Planet children’s book they designed about being good to the Earth. Take a look and...

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