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Play Mats Fit For Trust Fund Babies

Well it’s about time that someone created the high-end, fancy pants, gorgeous version of all those ubiquitous fugly play mats. Here the honor goes to Plain Mary, creator of the Kensington Baby Play Mat. And it is indeed very fancy. Did I mention it’s fancy? This padded play mat is substantial at 56″ long, and beautifully constructed of quilted microsuede which resists spills and stains far better than cotton or poly. If the ivory color is still scaring you practical moms, there’s also a lovely camel or chocolate.  I must say I think that a baby can be perfectly...

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A play mat without the ugly

When I was expecting, I dutifully put a tummy time play mat on my registry. It came complete with lights, music and hanging rattles, and to be honest, it was slightly less than beautiful and slightly more than stimulating. If I had only known about the awesome play mats from Agent Mommy, I could have avoided the sensory overload – for both of us. The mat comes with an over-the-shoulder carrying case and boasts generous proportions, really nice construction, and a waterproof backing. I would totally take it to the park or the beach.  And with all the beautiful...

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The Glass Sipper

We’re always looking out for safer, non-leaching plastic baby bottle alternatives, like the ones from Green to Grow and my own baby’s choice, Adiri.  But I know that some moms are like Ack, plastic! Plastic is the devil! Plastic will come to earth, eat our brains and kill us all! And hey, they may be right. Even so, I’m a bit reluctant to make the leap to glass. You know, it being glass and all. Until I got a load of the Wee-Go bottles from Go Baby Life. [EDITED UPDATE: They are now called Lifefactory Bottles, available at our...

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The newest teething solution for babies: Mushrooms

Continually asked for safe teething toys by parents, we’re always quick to suggest Sophie Giraffe, Vulli’s European fave for decades. But now the company has transitioned from the animal kingdom to the vegetable garden, with a trio of totally cute mushroom teethers. Blue Chan, pink Pie and yellow Gnon (a play on the french word for mushroom, champignon)  might even be safer than their real world counterparts–they’re made from sustainable rubber, painted with food dyes, and free of phthalates. Also? No fungus. Which, come to think of it, is a mushroom first. Find the Chan Pie Gnon teethers at...

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Still Washing Those Pacifiers, Eh

While I’m a big proponent of pacifiers, picking them up off the ground every four seconds stinks. Especially when you’re still in that early stage where you actually wash the thing off instead of just wiping it on your jeans.

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No, G is Not for Guiliani

Abc_book_cover New York City can teach a child any number of things. Like how to distinguish a Bangladeshi cab driver accent from a Pakistani one. Or how to learn to share toys with Uma’s daughter in the sandbox of the Bleecker Street playground. Now, NYC is also teaching children their ABCs.

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