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100+ adorably geeky baby names for 2017 and beyond. No Anakin included.

Considering geeks now rule the world — or at least the box office — we’ve rounded up tons of adorably geeky baby names for parents who want a baby name that reflects a love for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things. Hey, maybe you fell in love and uh…conceived after the Red Wedding episode. Who knows? Many of these geeky names, or at least their derivations, will go unnoticed as anything geeky-cool by your friends and family. But the parents in the Joss Whedon shirts at the PTO meeting? They just might give you a secret fist...

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Web coolness: Disney heroines as warrior princesses, baby names that need to come back, best end of year teacher gifts + more!

Here are some links we’re liking around the web this week, with lots of time this holiday weekend for your to read them all. Hope you like them too.   From here on forward, this week shall forever be known as Chewbacca Mom Won the Internet Week. Whoo, it’s summer! If you plan on dusting off the grill, we’ve found the best grilling recipes to kickoff summer cookout season. 3 wonderful way to support our troops this Memorial Day. (It’s not just about barbecues, of course.) What else we’ll be doing with our kids Monday: Watching The Roots miniseries reboot on the...

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Web coolness: Oscar party ideas, Oscar nights alternatives, Quidditch in the Himalayas, and one very important birthday.

Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too. (There are so many this week!)     Cool Mom Picks turns ten this week! Today’s the last day to enter to win 10 really amazing giveaway gifts — and it’s easy. Good luck! A magical Quidditch match in the Himalayas (above). These photos by Anshu Agarwal are a fun way to start the day. Get ready for the Oscars with 12 easy Oscar party ideas and a feast of easy Oscar party food recipes . Funny cheat sheet to the Oscar-nominated movies. Timely: What it’s like to...

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Web Coolness: How to raise nice kids, Game of Thrones fashion, and the Gwen Stefani photo that rocked Instagram

Here are our favorite links from around the web that we’ve enjoyed reading this week. Hope you like them too.   Well. This photo of Gwen Stefani breastfeeding sure got a lot of discussion going. An outstanding (and hilarious) post on what it means to be a feminist. We’d expect no less from Jenny Lawson. Our editor Liz has lots of thoughts about mothers being arrested for letting their children play or walk  alone.   Fascinating: Nate Silver and Allison McCann explain how you can tell someone’s age just from their name. This app is changing the way we watch Netflix for the better. (Much better.) Why you...

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You say Maria, I say Mariah. Or, nah. Let’s stick with Maria.

Linda Rosenkranz and Pamela Redmond Satran raised baby naming to an art form with their original 1988 baby-naming book, Beyond Jennifer & Jason – names that practically seem pedestrian with today’s Talullahs and Artemises.  Now the authors are back with Beyond Ava & Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby and I admit there are quite a few people I know who I wish had had this book when they were pregnant. I’ve seen a lot of baby name books, but this one takes the cake for style, originality and lip synch. Some of my surprise favorites included...

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The best little $10 shower gift that’s not a stuffed animal

Enough with those baby name books filled with what seem to be a lot of arbitrary meanings. I’m sorry, Madison does not mean “Son of Maud” – it means “I fell in love with Daryl Hannah in Splash when I was a kid too.” So as far as baby name books go, I’m totally digging the Fortune Telling Book of Names. This pocket sized, faux leather bound, canary-yellow (gender neutral!) tome is a fun little guide to thousands of names and the fortune each one holds. If you’ve got a Sadie at home, she’s destined for great love, and...

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What’s in a baby name? Everything.

Sure, I slogged through 8 Hundred Million Names For Baby (or whatever that well-thumbed paperback was called) each time I was pregnant, but did that tell me which celebs picked which baby names just last week? Or what names were on the rise in the last month? Of course not. No book could take into account the ever-changing landscape of name popularity which is why you need a website… say, a delightfully tongue-in-cheek one like Nameberry. They’ll give you name meanings (which you might want to cross-reference) and variations, of course, but what’s especially fun is checking out the...

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