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A play mat that teaches your baby how to speak emoji. (Insert winking face here.)

When my kids were babies and tummy-time touring their way throughout the house, it was a given that their play mat migrated to each room with them. And while I have fond memories of our jungle themed mat and odd interactive thingies (who doesn’t love a squeaking, googly eyed hippo, honestly?), I’m at least 98 percent sure my now-tech-loving littles would have preferred the Emoji Baby Play Mat. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: Fun emoji gifts: For kids or kids at heart Exclusive to Land of Nod, this hand-quilted mat is just soft and squishy enough to be both comfy and sturdy as your baby strengthens her...

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Gathre’s bonded leather playmats are wipeable, waterproof, and so chic.

I can still vividly remember the playdate I had for my toddler the same week we laid new carpet in our house. You know where this is going, right? Within minutes, the mom’s mega-venti-grande-whatever coffee was all over the place. And yes, the stain is still there. What would have saved me then — and the countless other times my kids or their friends have made a mess all over the floor — are these chic bonded leather playmats by Gathre. These simple, waterproof leather mats are so pretty…and so functional! They can be used for everything from a picnic blanket to a...

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The most stylish tummy time blanket we’ve seen in…uh, ever?

After 11 years of parenting, I’m a pretty big believer in not buying baby gear that doesn’t grow with your child. That means floor mats dedicated exclusively to, say, tummy time isn’t at the top of my priority list. (As cute as they may be.) Instead, I’d throw down any clean blanket — or bath towel, if I’m being honest — and call it a day. But then I found the new Bliss round blanket from Little Giraffe, which is so perfect for playtime and, yes, tummy time. I think the cool, modern design is pretty enough that parents will want to use it long after their baby has...

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Little Balena handmade baby blankets. Preppy is back!

Any parent knows the importance of a go-to baby blanket, because a baby blanket is never just a blanket; it’s a play mat, a changing pad, a lovie, a spot for tummy time and sometimes yes, a perfect cover for snuggling up and keeping warm. That’s a lot to live up to, but the mom who created handmade baby blankets called Little Balena Play Quilts has done just that. While there are of course plenty of awesome blankets already out there, what I love about these is the combo of the materials coupled with a traditional preppy design. As in a whale motif, from...

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Baby play gyms as beautiful as they are fun

A new baby may be small, but they all have some magical ability to fill an entire home with all of their things. So we’re always looking for those gifts and gear essentials that both baby and you will love looking at, like baby play gyms. I love all three of these wooden play gyms that I found from makers on Etsy; they’re all such beautiful alternatives to those big plastic contraptions that can be eyesores in the middle of your living room. But while these are all simple and modern in terms of shape and design, there’s still plenty of accessories and other options to keep...

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Fun new parent gift: Peripop is a baby play mat, blanket, and floor cushion all in one.

The nursery in our apartment was used by the previous tenant as a walk-in closet so as you can imagine, it’s small.  Every item our baby’s room has to earn its place by either looking great or serving us with high functionality. Ideally both. Sadly this means when I come across sweet pillows, blankets and other decorative additions I have to pass, but multi-purpose baby gear? You’ve got my attention. Hello to the Peripop baby play mat. Coming to us from Oribel, the makers of our beloved Portaplay exersaucer, I’m so happy to have a chance to try Peripop, which it turns out is actually way more...

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Handmade baby gifts with an Australian accent. (But no, they don’t talk.)

It’s not often I discover a new Etsy shop and automatically think okay, every single thing in there is adorable. But that’s the case with Babee and Me, which I can forgive for being based in Byron Bay, Australia, considering what beautiful work is coming out of the shop. From soft handmade baby toys, to funky teething rattles (oh, those cameras!), and tons of gorgeous personalized wooden blocks in all kinds of styles, everything just has a wonderful sensibility about it with terrific typography, and modern color combination. I like that the selection also includes lots of black and white gifts,...

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7 essential tips for tummy time to make it easier for babies. And parents.

As moms ourselves, we completely understand the importance of tummy time–we’ve been through it oh, a half-dozen times between all of our kids. We also remember how stressful it was at first, because you’re always hearing how important it is to give your infant tummy time–but no so much about how to do it so that there’s no crying and fussing. (And we’re not just talking about the baby.) One of the basics: Having somewhere safe and clean to put the baby, right? That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with our newest sponsor Sleep Made to Measure, which offers a smart collection...

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Tummy time, big city style

As soon as my baby was ready for tummy time, I was vigilant about putting a nice blanket or playmat down for her to lay on, as anyone with a shedding dog can understand. While of course any blanket will do, you have to check out the fabulous  Wanderlust City Map Baby Playmats by Ella Lou which gives kids even more to explore without all the hanging toys and crazy lights and switches. These cute baby playmats are a great accessory (or baby shower gift!) for any household with an urban affection because they feature colorful depictions of San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City. I...

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A chic play mat that matches your living room more than it matches a neon explosion

There are many times I’ve considered permanently covering the floor in butcher paper to protect it from the ketchup and rice that always miss my kids’ mouths at mealtime. Same goes for those days my son paints on his easel. Although I’ve considered sacrificing a few old patchwork quilts sent to us as baby gifts, I another option is the chic, wipeable new Posh Play Mat.  Unlike most kids’ play mats that come in juvenile patterns, the Posh Play Mat is made with PVC-free faux leather (so no carcinogens) and embossed with a faux reptile pattern that’s very Fashion...

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