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Handmade baby gifts with an Australian accent. (But no, they don’t talk.)

It’s not often I discover a new Etsy shop and automatically think okay, every single thing in there is adorable. But that’s the case with Babee and Me, which I can forgive for being based in Byron Bay, Australia, considering what beautiful work is coming out of the shop. From soft handmade baby toys, to funky teething rattles (oh, those cameras!), and tons of gorgeous personalized wooden blocks in all kinds of styles, everything just has a wonderful sensibility about it with terrific typography, and modern color combination. I like that the selection also includes lots of black and white gifts,...

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Please and Carrots – a baby toy subscription box that’s all about developmental milestones.

You buy all sorts of toys to fill the nursery while prepping for baby, then they start to grow and you find yourself wondering which toys are right for them and for which developmental milestones. Those long aisles full of very brightly colored toys at the store can be a little overwhelming, which is why I’m liking the new Please and Carrots baby toy subscription service, which helps take out the guesswork for new parents. – Don’t miss an exclusive discount for CMP readers below –  Curated by team of expert advisors including pediatricians, psychologists, educators and parents, each box is designed to engage...

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A fashionable pacifier clip? Who knew.

Teething babies have been sinking their chompers into colorful, fashionable and safe Chewbeads ever since their bracelets and necklaces started appearing on the coolest new mamas. And now, along with their toddler-friendly teethers and playful older-kid Juniorbeads, they’ve come up with their own line of pacifier clips to keep many babies’ favorite mouth accessory right where they want it. Chewbeads’ “Where’s the Pacifier?” Pacifier Clip keeps those pesky binkies attached with a cute silicone clip tethered to their trademark soft beads that are safe to chew on, and bright enough to find should they become lost in a pile of stuffed animals. Even better, some of those...

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Chewbeads’ new soft baby rattle and teether is so chic it could pass as a bracelet. That rattles.

A baby rattle has to be one of the most iconic baby gifts of all time so we love looking for cool ones. We’ve found some amazing wooden rattles and soft rattles out there, but one of my favorites may be the brand new Mercer soft baby rattle from one of our favorite mom-run brands, Chewbeads. It’s not plastic, but rather a 100% food-grade silicone with no BPA, phthalates, lead, or cadmium, just like their necklaces for moms and their awesome new Juniorbeads line. And since babies chew on everything, whether it’s a rattle that doubles as a teether or not, we’re...

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We’re head over heels for Willo Baby’s eco-friendly treasures for babies and mamas

You know we are always on the lookout for fabulous resources to support our goals of easy, beautiful, and natural living, but our latest one-stop shop find, Willo Baby, impressed us beyond expectations. We are totally kvelling over their collection of affordable, original, and thoughtful indulgences for baby and mama. Willo Baby’s wonderful new online shop of eco-friendly family items is curated by an L.A.-based husband-and-wife team who clearly know what they are doing — and most importantly, what they like. The finds at Willo Baby include sweet baby bibs and swaddles in stunning prints and fabrics, clever mobiles and wall...

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This custom baby gift is very high profile. Emphasis on profile.

Want to blow away everyone at the baby shower and give the parents a handmade keepsake as unique as their baby will be? We’ve never seen a rattle like this before. The Custom Cameo Wooden Baby Rattle from Uncommon Goods is handmade by artisans in New York based on profile images provided by the parents. You order it, and they send you a beautifully engraved wooden block that comes with instructions and a prepaid shipping envelope. Mail the block to the artists and supply them with silhouettes. In four to six weeks, the new parents will receive a beautifully...

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Take a ride on the Peace Van: hand knitted toys and rattles with purpose

If you’re into peaceful babies and peaceful communities, you’re going to love this sweet collection of hand-knitted rattles and toys that helps artisans in Bangladesh rebuild their lives. The toys and rattles from Kahiniwalla are all hand-knit of 100% cotton by artisans at Hathay Bunano in rural Bangladesh. They’re so fabulous we even included them in our 2013 Baby Shower Gift Guide. The program centers on providing livable working conditions and fair trade wages in rural areas so that women aren’t forced leave their families to work in larger and more dangerous garment facilities. Each piece is carefully designed...

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Crazy adorable (and cuddly) baby rattles that will make you melt

My baby-having days are over, but lucky me, I’ve got lots of friends who are still pumping them out (ha), which gives me an excellent excuse to shower their babies with all sorts of baby gifts, like these adorable ones from CMP-fave Oots. These quirky rattles, like Peter the Fly (above), are part of their Esthex line that are made in a certified factory in Thailand from cotton and polyester, so your baby can chew to her heart’s delight and then you can toss it in the washing machine. Plus, you have to love that it’s a fly, a sorely neglected...

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Shake, rattle, and drool: handcrafted heirloom baby rattles

Let me rattle off a few words for you to chew on: heirloom, handmade, safe, affordable. Also: pretty. These Heirloom Baby Rattles from Windfall Boutique on Etsy are everything you could possibly want in a baby toy–but at half the price you might expect to pay for something so classic, sturdy and beautiful. At only $16.50, each rattle is handmade of domestic cherry, walnut, and maple, laminated with food-safe glue, filled with jasmine rice, and finished with food-grade mineral oil. That means you get a toy that’s attractive, unique, and hard to break. It also requires no batteries, has no...

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Avast, me hearties! It’s a pirate rattle! And it’s cute!

Arrr! What could be cuter than a tiny pirate rattle? Why, a tiny baby holding on to a tiny pirate rattle, of course. September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. But just because you’re too little to talk, doesn’t mean you can’t participate. For every baby who ever dreamed of being a boatswain and swabbing the decks, this adorable tiny pirate rattle is a perfect introduction to life on the high seas. From the scruffy beard to the embroidered belt buckle, this freebooter might just be the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen. And, shiver me timbers, there’s even...

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