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Where to find the cutest French baby gifts and room decor without the $2000 plane ticket.

I always love finding and sharing European brands for kids that we don’t see so regularly around our parts, but mostly, they’re actually in Europe. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you know, shipping. Well it turns out a French expat maman in LA was missing the beautiful things from her homeland too, and brought them here in one lovely little kids’ boutique called Tiny Frenchy. Warning: clicking over may tax your credit cards. The baby accessories, gear, and kids’ room decor only come from independent French designers, many of whom are moms themselves. In other words, think Cool French Mom...

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Shark Week is back! Here are 7 of our favorite shark picks for summer

Starting today, it won’t be safe to turn on the television without knowing Shark Week has come ashore, with an entire week of programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to those creatures of the sea. And while we’re happy to keep the bitey kind of shark in its rightful place in the ocean, we’ve also netted some great summertime shark finds for your kids should they have a soft spot for those toothy fish — and maybe aren’t quite old enough to watch Jaws with you just yet. Related: 14 of the coolest Shark Week picks for kids (whether they’re old...

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Beautiful new muslin baby blankets, for a new generation of peacefully sleeping babies

New moms now have more baby blankets to choose from than babies have reason to cry.  But the cool, mom-owned label, Lulujo that’s new to the US from Canada, has really caught my eye with gorgeous, affordable muslin baby blankets and other gift-worthy swaddling options. My favorites: a bold, double-layer muslin swaddler that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to live without when new baby arrives, and a luxurious turkish towel I can use for almost anything. I know, I really shouldn’t be this excited about baby blankets. But I am. Related: Celebrity-designed baby blankets in a beautiful collaboration   Like the original swaddlers...

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A kids’ world as cheerful as your kids (or one can hope)

Putting together a nursery or little kid’s room can be a challenge if you’re going for a certain retro-mod Scandinavian rainbow look. I mean, there is nothing out there that fits that exact description. Or wait, maybe there is.   The relaunch of colorful, childlike 70s era German designs from byGraziela designs celebrates every single color in the crayon box, and channels it into kids’ bedding, kids pajamas, German-made dishware, hooded towels, toys and home decor so happy you want to smile. At pots. You’ll be smiling at pots. If you’re the crafty kind, there are even fabrics featuring...

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Those Turks definitely know their cotton

When I had my son I received tons of hooded towels that looked like duckies and froggies as baby gifts. They scored high marks on cuteness (and thoughtfulness)  but fell way short when it came to absorbency. Dribs oversized hooded baby bath towels are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton that is soft and cushiony to dry off your baby super fast. And, unlike my own baby towels, these are substantial enough for when your baby is old enough to take baths on his own. The organic cotton is a neutral beige, with a variety of pretty trim colors...

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Say goodbye to terry cloth

I realize that drooling over a baby towel might seem a bit ridiculous, but when your closet is stuffed to the gills with old, rough towels, then you’d be just as excited as I was to wrap your baby up in a Bamboosa Bath Wrap found at Peekagreen. The combination of 80% bamboo and 20% recycled polyester makes for a super absorbent, soft, almost chamois-like towel that will keep that baby toasty warm and dry. Known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities, Bamboo also washes extremely well, which works well when you’ve got a couple of kids that are...

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