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5 genius nursery organization tips, for new parents who could use a Starbucks right about now

Having a new baby is completely life-changing in the best possible way…and, in some harder-to-embrace ways too. (Looking at you, complete lack of sleep.) If you’re anything like me, a house that’s in chaos will make you feel even more stressed than those post-pregnancy hormones will, so getting organized will make a big impact on your mood. To help, I’ve rounded up some genius nursery organization tips that will let you focus more on your baby and less on finding your baby’s stuff. CMP is an rstyle affiliate At top: laundry folding tips | Two Twenty One Related: Eliminate clutter in your nursery...

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10 sweet first Easter gifts for the new baby in your life

If the new spring season also means a new baby in your family, don’t miss these 10 sweet first Easter gifts we’ve found at some of our favorite indie shops and makers this year. From keepsake ornaments to baby wraps so cute you won’t be able to resist Instagramming them, these are our favorite first Easter gifts for babies this year. As if you needed an excuse to spoil them any more, right? CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: 15 cool bunny gifts to fill up your baby’s Easter basket Every kid needs their own Easter basket, and I love these handmade custom...

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100+ adorably geeky baby names for 2017 and beyond. No Anakin included.

Considering geeks now rule the world — or at least the box office — we’ve rounded up tons of adorably geeky baby names for parents who want a baby name that reflects a love for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things. Hey, maybe you fell in love and uh…conceived after the Red Wedding episode. Who knows? Many of these geeky names, or at least their derivations, will go unnoticed as anything geeky-cool by your friends and family. But the parents in the Joss Whedon shirts at the PTO meeting? They just might give you a secret fist...

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Bitchen! Found these totally tubular 80’s clothes for rad babies, like, yours, you know?

So like, the 80s are toooootally back, you know? And like, as much as we loved the rad shark romper from Rosie Pope that we just shared, turns out there’s a lot more to love in her collection of righteous new 80s inspired baby clothes for little dudes and dudettes? All those rainbows, surfboards, and unicorns like, make me want to dig up some Bangles cassettes and do that Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club happy dance. The prices teeter between Target and Gap; you can grab a five-pack of 80s baby bodysuits at our affiliate Amazon for just $32, or a five-pack of awesome bibs on Rosie’s...

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6 celeb-worthy, creative birth announcement ideas for twins + multiples. We’ve got you covered, Beyoncé!

First Beyoncé and Jay Z, now the Clooneys and Madonna? In case you haven’t heard, twins are seriously hot right now. So I’ve rounded up some super creative birth announcement ideas for twins with a little extra oomph — for those of you lucky enough to be in on the doubles game. I had so much fun finding these adorable birth announcement photo ideas for twins and multiples making their red carpet debut, but hey…if you’re expecting just one baby this year (like me!), we’ve got you covered too. CMP is an rstyle affiliate At top: custom birth announcements by Todd Borka Related: 15 creative birth announcement ideas way...

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New Jersey parents of newborns can take home baby boxes filled with everything—even a bed.

When I was an overwhelmed brand-new mom, I wished for a magical box that would somehow contain all that my newborn would need: Diapers, health supplies, onesies, how-to guides, a baby bed for safe sleeping. Yes. An actual baby bed. In a box. It turns out that the idea isn’t only real, it can be life-saving. And thanks to The Baby Box Co., 105,000 new families in New Jersey will experience them firsthand — for free! Related: Safe sleep sources on SIDS and more The creators of The Baby Box Co. were inspired by a 75-year-old Finnish initiative that sends new families home with baby boxes after they’d received prenatal care and...

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Adorable silicone teethers that look just like donuts and other treats. Sweet!

Every good baby deserves donuts and ice cream and Oreos… at least in the form of adorable silicone teethers. Not only are they so delicious, you just want to gobble them up (the teethers, not the babies), they’re also super safe and carefully constructed. That’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, and the donuts contain no trans fats. Heh. Related: Teething toys so beautiful, they’re like your baby’s first accessory.     The teethers, which we found at Spearmint Love, are made of 100% food grade silicone and can be chilled for added relief while teething. The ones that come with...

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SoundBub: The cutest (and smartest) portable white noise machine ever.

I never used a white noise machine with any of my kids when they were babies, which may explain why they were such terrible nappers. Compare that to my friends, who’d come over for dinner and board games with their babies in tow. Their kids slept soundly in our room with a white noise machine running, while we hung out in the next room. Traveling with a plug-in white noise machine is clunky, though, so I’m happy to discover the SoundBub. This adorable white noise machine is now at the top of my baby shower gift ideas list. For parents who are on-the-go...

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The world’s cutest tableware for kids: We have a contender!

When my kids first started eating solids, they often reminded me of wild baby animals — flinging food all over the place, trying to eat without using their hands, and getting all the gooiest stuff mashed into their hair. So I’m pretty impressed with the new kids’ tableware line from Marcus & Marcus  which offers cute, animal-inspired designs help our littlest ones learn to eat like, well, like little humans. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: 14 of the coolest baby gifts and gear we wish we had when we were new moms. The easy-to-clean, brightly colored collection was developed by two parents who know a thing or...

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6 modern baby bouncers that are super stylish space-savers

Sometimes in the world of baby gear, less is definitely way more. These modern, space-saving baby bouncers capture this spirit in a big way. Their sleek designs mean your living room can look less like a mini gymnasium and more like smart, stylish adults live there. When my first child was born, I splurged on that deluxe set with all the bells and whistles, dangling toys, and musical buttons. My sister, on the other hand, chose a bouncer that was about as big as her diaper bag and folded up to slide under the sofa when not in use. Turns out her baby was just...

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Now that we’ve named the baby, what do we name the grandparents?

You can’t imagine the debates that went on in our household when it came to naming the grandparents for the first time. If you start factoring in inlaws and the inlaws’ inlaws, and everyone’s different traditions and expectations, it’s amazing we came to any agreement at all. We certainly could have used You Can Call Me Hoppa: The Grandparents’ Guide to Choosing a Name That Fits by mom Lauren Charpio back in 2005. It’s one part thought starter, one part grandparent keepsake. And in fact it would be a great little grandparent gift as a way to announce a...

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