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6 innovative products for babies with multiple uses, so you can use them for years past the infant stage.

Having a new baby is exciting and fun and…crazy expensive. We’ve all been there, it can be hard figuring out whether you splurge on the crib, or get a cheaper crib and spend more on all those cute clothes and room decor accessories and infant toys. It’s even harder before you even know what you or your baby will like. And it’s especially hard when you kind of want to buy everything that’s the very best you can afford because, after all, this is your baby. But as always, we’ve got your back! Our biggest tip is that if you are...

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10 completely over-the-top, absolutely gorgeous, seriously splurgy baby gifts for a lucky kid (that’s not ours)

One of the obvious—and awesome—perks of writing for Cool Mom Picks is that I get to scope out the newest, coolest products for moms. And sometimes, those products fall into the I-can-only-dream, outrageously chic, over-the-top gorgeous category. Then again, sometimes we get emails make us ask, are these for real? Here are ten seriously splurgy baby gifts I’ve seen lately, in no particular order. If you’re a 90201-er or $4500 for a crib doesn’t blow your mind, have fun. My wish list can be your shopping list.   1. Silver Cross Kensington Pram Stroller, $2,750 Feel like Kate Middleton when you stroll your baby around town; she has one...

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HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper totally reinvents the bassinet

Waiting for someone to build a better bassinet? Well exciting news, expectant parents: HALO, creators of those cozy, fool-proof sleepsacks we love, is launching a bassinet called the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, and trust me when I say it’s a game-changer. (Get it? Bassinet + Nest? Bassinest.) Now I will say that when I had my first baby last summer, I was showered with tidbits of new mom advice, one of which was not to buy a bassinet no matter how adorable I thought one would be. I was told that a bassinet would take up too much room (a hot commodity where we lived), delay sleep-training,...

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Dream a little dream of your baby (finally) asleep in a cozy bassinet

With my first two kids, the bassinet was a bedside fixture for at least the first month or two after their respective arrivals. Clunky and awkward, it was not exactly a charmer — and my wakeful babies didn’t seem too impressed, either. This time around, I’m trading up.   I’m betting the Babyhome Dream will create a luxe enough sleeping environment for the baby to convince him/her sleep through the night. It could happen, right? Dream, by the genius designers at Babyhome, can be used as a bedside bassinet, a travel cot, or a convenient, comfy place for a napping baby...

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Red baby gear that will look great all year round

Other than wearing hearts on their clothing and looking at us with love in their eyes, our babies are still a little young to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with lollipops or big messy chocolate hearts. But since we love red all the time, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite red baby gear, that will look bright, fresh and modern all year long–more than I can say for those roses. We are in love with the contemporary shape of Bloom’s new Coco Rosso lounger. No noisy bells or batteries required, this simple self-rocker lets our babies gaze at the...

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A cradle that will rock more than your baby

File this one under “Ever-Growing List of Gorgeous Things Celebrities Own That We Never Will.” It’s pretty much the most beautiful cradle I have ever seen. With the most extraordinary price tag. The So-Ro Cradle (“be calm” in Norweigan) is a stunning piece of furniture; walnut-covered baltic birch plywood, artfully crafted into a safe haven for babies that feels right at home with the Eames and the Noguchi. It rocks forward-to-back, not side-to-side which So-Ro creator Ane Lilian Tveit, a neurological expert, discovered soothes babies much better. And it’s evidently built with all kinds of safety in mind including a tilted mattress with various...

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Over-packing mama birds will love Phil & Ted’s Nest

The first time you travel with a baby in tow is shocking, to say the least. If you thought you were an over-packer before, suddenly you feel like you might need to rent a moving truck just to get your things to the cottage. Each precious piece of gear seems more important than the next because, frankly, how is baby going to make it through the weekend without his beloved [insert one of hundreds of important baby items here]?  Phil & Ted to the rescue. The Phil & Ted’s Nest is a brilliant travel bassinet, designed to hold babies...

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Cribstyles of the rich and famous

If MTV’s show Cribs was actually about cribs, this is what you’d see: Custom, handmade, super-luxe linens for only the poshest of tots. As narrated by Robin Leach. Of course, you can also buy it retail, but it’s still going to cost you. Olena Boyko is pretty much the celebrity wedding cake of the nursery linen world. From her sumptuous crib sets to her confectionery bassinets and high style Moses baskets, every piece is handmade and can be ordered completely custom, down to embroidery color, font, and monogram style. (What? Your own baby didn’t have monogrammed silk sheets?) The...

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