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5 wildly cool STEM bath toys to inspire future scientists. (Even if they can’t spell scientist yet.)

If your kids are getting older and casting off rubber duckies for something a bit more stimulating when it comes to bath toys, we’ve tracked down some very cool science-based bath toys with an educational spin that might do the trick. Even though little plastic cups keep kids entertained (and certainly have educational value all on its own), these 5 fun STEM bath toys go a little further to teach the youngest kids fundamentals of water science while cutting no corners on fun or imagination. Consider giving one to your budding hydro-engineer or future architect, or wrapping it up as a smart, educational toy for your...

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Meet Marco. He’s here to help keep your kids in the bath.

You always need a few toys to keep kids entertained in the bath, of course. Cups and boats have always always been a hit with mine, but I just had to share the adorable new Marco light-up bath toy from Boon from Boon for something a little more special or even a fun shower gift add-on for a bath set, or a charming little birthday for a young child not yet asking for XBox games. This little battery-powered aquanaut lights up when the sensors on his feet hit the water, and he changes color every time you dip him in and out. Plus, he floats with his...

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What are the best gifts for a two year old? We’ve got tons!

Choosing the best gift for a two year old from among ride-on vehicles, construction toys, dolls and more can seem overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to some favorites that our own boys and girls have loved. Because that first birthday party may get more hoopla, but we know the second is where you get to buy the really fun gifts for a toddler who is just getting ready to, well, toddle everywhere. And, possibly, remember your gift in the first place.   RIDE-ON TOYS FOR TWO YEAR OLDS   You probably don’t have to worry about a two-year-old getting enough exercise, but the challenge is to...

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5 fun new beach toys for kids that beat regular shovels and pails

Tis the season for playing in the sand (yay for summer!) so we’ve rounded up some of the most fun and coolest-looking new beach toys for kids. If you’ve got a seaside trip planned,we hope these help you amp up the standard buckets and shovels. Because it’s good to keep them busy when they aren’t dodging waves or asking if they can bury you up to your neck in the sand.   SAND MOLDS FROM EDUCO Why build a regular ol’ sand castle when you could create the seaside Taj Mahal or Parthenon? I love Educo’s sand molds that come in famous shapes including the Great Wall...

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Earth Day pick: Green Toys to help keep our oceans clean

I often talk to the kids about why it’s so important to keep our neighborhood and parks clean by recycling or picking up trash we find on the sidewalk. And this Earth Day, I love that Cool Mom Picks favorite Green Toys is reminding us how important it is to take care of our oceans and waterways too. Green Toys’ Safe Seas Sets, created in conjunction with the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, pairs a fun biplane toy or submarine toy with the paperback All the Way to the Ocean which will get kids thinking about how little actions–like tossing a gum wrapper...

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Bath toys for kids who really love bath toys

Right now, our bathtub is like another toy chest and ohmygod do I wish I was exaggerating about this. Random pots and Tupperware purloined from the kitchen, squeezie orcas and penguins, and bottles of bubble bath (which ceased actually containing bubble bath months ago)–they’ve all found a home in the tub. I’m looking to evict some of these squatter tub tenants. And I know just which amazing bath toys to replace them with. These Boon Creatures are a set of four soft, squishy, and cute toy cups–heads with little eyes and fins, and bottoms with tails and flippers–that kids can...

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Just ducky

The ordinary rubber duck received a needed makeover a few years back, when BUD luxury rubber ducks started invading bathtubs. Funky and fun, they didn’t just look cool, these Australian born duckies ditched the phthalates long before anyone knew what that even meant. Grab a few for kids’ stocking stuffers, or even that grownup friend who would appreciate the irony.   –LizFind a good selection of BUD luxury rubber ducks...

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Keeping them in the tub without having to sing

I don’t know about you, but I can only reprise the entire Annie soundtrack for so long without wishing for amazing tricks to keep my daughter motivated to scrub. And now, I can. By whipping up amazing dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs) with Jurassic Towel Origami by Alison Jenkins.  The author of the original Little Book of Towel Origami expands her focus to plesiosaurs, pteranodons and saber-toothed tigers in this step-by-step instruction book complete with helpful photos and educational little factoids about each prehistoric creature. All you need is milk cartons, buttons, and you know — towels. – Rita Find Alison...

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There’s a bug in my tub

You’d think after spending at least ten minutes before bath time last night rinsing and cleaning out the bath toys, we would have invested in a new bath toy holder.  We lost our last one to broken suction cups and the one before that to size. Seriously, we have a lot of toys! So at the top of this week’s must-buy list is Boon’s new lady bug bath pod. Similar to their frog pod, the lady bug bath storage container attaches to your bathroom wall, keeping those baby soaps and shampoos organized, and toys dripping dry. Just remove the...

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